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    Re: Ez lift hive cart

    I have the mann lake lifters and one thing that we do is change the tires to the no-flat tires - seems the ones they come with are light duty and go flat or get driven over a pallet clip and go flat...
  2. Why is it that a common fly can live through winter but a Hive cant ???

    So that is my thinking now ..... Why is it that Many many many insects can live through winter and survive the elements but yet a strong hive can fail....
    and i know people are thinking MItes and...
  3. Re: Looking for suggestion for material for top of fume board.

    ive have used ones that have stiff tin on them and an felt pad .. but they heat up WAY to fast

    so now i use plywood with a 2 1/2 inch rim around it with a terry cloth staples to it and put honey...
  4. Re: Q: How to "start" the mating nuc frames?

    Jim --- we do this and its a great way to keep the bees busy -- and gets new comb into the system -- we put drawn .... undrawn .... drawn ... feeder
    that way there is little burr comb
  5. Re: Q: How to "start" the mating nuc frames?

    we did several hundrend mann lake breeder nucs -- the fastest way to get comb in there is to simple put comb in there !!!!! but here is the trick

    we use ritecell in our outfit .... if you take a...
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    Re: CA ag check stations

    Dont forget to check your bees !!!! shipping dead hives or weak hives will have you heading home without a contract .... ..strong 6+ frames of bees min. anything less will not get paid for but you...
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    Re: To tell or not to tell?

    do you tell your neighbors when you get up ? or when you get a goldfish ? or when you eat dinner? if you answer No to any of those then it is NONE of there business what you do on your land

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    Re: drones not getting kicked out

    Larry - if i have a large amount of drones in my hives after mid Oct. its normally due to queen issues or the lack of a queen - they keep a lot of drones if they have queen issues - id check it out...
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    Re: Brushy Mnt

    Shipping aside ...... Why would they hold back publishing a bad review ... and then publish a good review ??? seems like they probably toss every bad review and dont let the costumers have the real...
  10. Re: Rate of growth in the northwest, bad year so far or just a bad beekeeper?

    Yeah hear in Western Washington - we are feeding about 1/2 gallon a week to hold the bees from starving - but the flow is about to start -weather pending !!!!! just make sure they have a good band of...
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    Re: Boxes fit more than supposed number

    the 10 frames will fit in a ten frame box and the 8 in an eight frame box

    reason for the extra space is for frame swell - each frame will swell 1/16 or more over the year and soon you will be...
  12. Re: What are the legal issues in selling packages as nucs.

    I too see the issue and yeah it does seem a bit shaddy
    NUCs fall in a gray area of hive replacement or start up

    A Package of bees has a history of being this

    2,3,4,or 5 pounds of unrelated...
  13. Re: my hives & apiary . . . just need some swarms

    looks great - but i would consider a beefier stand - hives get heavy and 2x2 pine will just snap like match sticks - and having to clean up 2 hives that have crashed together would be a mess for you...
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    Re: Splitting?

    lets put the bees out of the picture for a moment

    20 hives will mean you have 20 bottoms, 20 tops , 40 deeps, and if you have min 2 supers per hive ... that gives you 40 supers

    for 120 hives...
  15. Re: Local Brick and Mortor Bee Shops location help

    Eastside - try WSBA - they have a list of local Washington clubs and sites - you might get more information that direction
    how are your bees doing down there?
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    Re: Corn Syrup

    the reason for not feeding corn syrup when installing new bees is that they need a thin simple syrup and not a think heavy syrup -
    if you have HFCS on hand or can get it cheaper then sugar - just...
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    Re: Italian vs Carniolas

    here in Washington its true that carnis do great - and they do great if you keep them home
    they have small clusters in winter and this is good due to the fact that the eat less !!!! but build up...
  18. Re: screening off the entrance/transporting at night

    i must be new fashion cuz i dont waste time closing the door - i never screen the door way if im moving them in a truck - ( in a car.... thats a WHOLE new game) but once the hive is on the truck and...
  19. Re: You will all get a good laugh out of this hive design

    funny to see ONE worker bee and all that nice comb !!!! one hard working bee there !!!!!! looks cool but very unpractical
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    Re: Building Migratory Tops

    i get MDO at smaller hardware stores - never found it at Lowes or Home Depot -- not use why they dont carry it
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    Re: Building Migratory Tops

    i use MDO plywood - no more warping -
    i can build lids for under $4 each -

    the cleats dont seems to stop the warp since they seem to warp the long side - if you make teletop they dont seem to...
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    Re: Worker bee with red back

    sounds like a cordovin bee- makes all the normal black areas redish color - google it and see if that matches your odd bee
  23. Re: Put some pollen patty in a swarm trap?

    I wouldnt put any food in a bait hive - remember the swarming bees have filled there stomaches with honey before they leave the parent hive - they are not hungry they are looking for a dry home to...
  24. Re: What are the dis-advantages of the (Cobey) Cloake Board method ?

    Sue has ubdated stuff in ABJ -
    we dont super the queen rearing hives - they use a lot of resources to make queens and asking them to make honey is just over doing it
    as for the nuc on top...
  25. Re: What are the dis-advantages of the (Cobey) Cloake Board method ?

    I got to say Im very lucky to have the Joy of working with Sue Cobey - she has TONS of information and her method of queen rearing and queen Breeding are by far the best that ive ever seen -

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