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  1. Re: Interior Paint on Exterior of Bee Hive Bodies

    Like a previous poster mentioned, not a lot of exterior paint is sold this time of the year thus less miss tints. I get most of my paints from the local independent paint stores. I suggest you...
  2. Re: Are cedar shavings harmful to bees in a quilt box?

    Karen, those were some awesome quilt boxes and I see no reason why using cedar shavings would not work well. If the above posts haven't put you at ease, give me a call and I'll come by and pick them...
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    Re: How far away from your apiary do you live?

    50 feet from my back door and 4 miles from there. Also 161 miles from my back door and 2 miles from there. This year a sprung for a second smoker so I dont have to bring it back and forth.
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    Re: What to do with extra pollen frames?

    Thanks for your suggestion. Looks like I'll have to give it a try. I am out of brood frames but have all these frames stuffed with pollen. I want to add some brood frames to a...
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    What to do with extra pollen frames?

    I have about 30 frames (mediums) that were taken from dead outs in March. I have stored them in the freezer since removing them. The frames are anywhere from 100% to 75% solid with pollen. All my...
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    Re: Electric Fence Ground Rods? 3 Needed?

    I have a challenge installing ground rods due to ledge. I have used the two wire method and have had good luck so far. I use 5 wires with three being "hot" and two being grounds. You alternate the...
  7. Re: Using uncapped nectar frames from dead outs?

    Thank you for the replies.
  8. Using uncapped nectar frames from dead outs?

    Just cleaned out a few dead outs and found a number of frames of uncapped honey or nectar (maybe some sugar water). The frames are newer comb and I did not observe any disease in the colonies. Can I...
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    Re: electric embedder

    I use a transformer from an old "Mosquito Magnet" I found at a yard sale for a couple of dollars. The Mosquito Magnet didn't work but the transformer is fine. It is rated at 12 VAC output. I just...
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    Re: Hi from Massachusetts

    Welcome safford5,
    I have some hives just down the road from you in Rhode Island. I am using both 10 and 8 frame mediums. The 8 frames worked fine this past year, but do require more boxes than the...
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    Bee keepers in Sao Miguel

    My wife and I are planning a trip to Sao Miguel in June. If there are any bee keepers here on Beesourse from Sao Miguel that are willing to share a few minutes with a Yankee beek I'd love to hear...
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    Re: Winter pictures?

    End of March of this year.

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    Re: Hello from New Hampsire

    Welcome. My hives are all buttoned up for the winter with sugar blocks as an insurance policy. I won't add pollen patties until some time the end of February/beginning of March depending on the...
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    Re: Critique Please - Swarm Infographic

    Don, thank you for sharing your info guide.

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    Re: upper entrance question


    Here are a couple of photos from my configuration for last winter. Both of these hives over wintered very well through the long and very cold winter we had last year. Here is the...
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    Re: Extracting Honey at French Hill Apiaries

    Michael, thanks for sharing. Interesting to actually see the extracting process vs reading about it. While I went from two hives to ten this year, I think it might be awhile before I can justify...
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    Re: New England vacation

    What about Rhode Island? Great coastline and outstanding restaurants. In NH the Kancamagus Highway is a must see during leaf peeper season. Have a great trip.
  18. Re: Converting 8 to 10 frame boxes, how to arrange frames

    Hi jake, how's your swarm hive doing? Thought about splitting it but currently out of equipment.
  19. Re: Converting 8 to 10 frame boxes, how to arrange frames

    Thank you for the rely Michael. Looks I like I my have to go that route to get through the season.

  20. Re: Converting 8 to 10 frame boxes, how to arrange frames

    Brian, I am definitely there right now. Two hives to ten is a lot faster than I expected to expand. I didn't plan an getting as many swarm calls as I have. It really put me behind the eight ball...
  21. Re: Converting 8 to 10 frame boxes, how to arrange frames

    Thanks for the feedback. I also decided to use all medium equipment when I started last year. One of the challenges is the vast majority of bee keepers in this area only use deeps for...
  22. Re: Converting 8 to 10 frame boxes, how to arrange frames

    Thanks for your reply. One of the reasons I want to go to 10 frame equipment is the tough winters we have. Not sure if the 8 frame is a smart choice with our long cold winters. I plan on...
  23. Re: Converting 8 to 10 frame boxes, how to arrange frames

    I kept adding boxes because they were drawing them out like crazy and as a newby with only two hives, I wanted to get as much drawn comb in inventory as possible. Now with 10 hives, I am...
  24. Re: Converting 8 to 10 frame boxes, how to arrange frames


    I was able to overwinter the two hives I started with last year in 10 frame medium equipment, I insulated the hives and made custom outer covers with insulation and cross ventilation. We...
  25. Re: Converting 8 to 10 frame boxes, how to arrange frames

    Brian, I am limited on drawn frames as they are all in current use. Using your suggestion, would you use foundation this late or should I extract some frames and use those? Also I have some brood...
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