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  1. Re: very strong hives how to find queen

    When I absolutely have to find the queen I shake the whole brood best through a box that has a plastic excluder nailed to the bottom. I set the brood nest aside and put an empty box on the original...
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    Re: Is this a virgin queen?

    Is she also an amputee?
  3. Re: Is treatment-free beekeeping possible at all?

    Last winter I had 46/54 of them survive (88%). Compare that to my production colonies 3/10 (30%), also untreated and without the broodbreak. I think it is pertinent. The OP is investigating what...
  4. Re: Is treatment-free beekeeping possible at all?

    If belgium has a good cold winter where there in no brood rearing for several months, the link to Mel Disselkoen (post #3) above is a good start. The brood break works in these conditions whether...
  5. Re: Help with Expenisve Breeder queen introduction problem

    I was surprised to hear that supersedure was a common problem for II queens. I bought a VSH breeder from Harbo last spring, and she has been trucking along just fine.
    I introduced her using the...
  6. Re: terrible swarming issues in midwest??

    He has to be West of you and East of me... Here in the Wisconnesota area there have been plenty of swarm reports. We have had lots of rain and there is plenty of forage.
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    Re: NUC robbing screen

    This is a good resource.
    Using the ideas in here I made robbing screens as WBVC suggested about 4 inches tall. I stapled them to the bottom board...
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    Re: flow over bees stopped capping?

    2 days in a small room with a dehumidifier will work wonders.
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    A bear in Indiana.

    Maybe beekeepers in this area should be pricing electric fences?
  10. Re: Funnel size on Trap Out Help Needed.

    I had success with a funnel that was about 6 or 7 inches long with an opening that was the diameter of a regular pencil. I would imagine that a longer funnel would work well, but I would leave the...
  11. Re: does anybody sell unpainted hive tools?

    Here you go. A friend of mine brought one of these around the other day. I have ordered 10 - hoping I will never need to buy one again.
  12. Re: Two Nucs over divided 10 frame - what am I missing here? The dimensions don't ad

    I have watched all of the Mike Palmer video I have been able to find. If I understand it correctly, he now prefers to make individual 4 frame nucs that are 8 1/8" wide for the second level. This...
  13. Re: Mating Nucs + Robber Screens = No Problems

    David, thanks for this. I have been contemplating putting robbing screens on some 5 frame boxes that I plan to put a 2 gallon feeder and three frames in. I have been worrying as to whether the...
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    Re: Made my first OTS split tonight.

    OTS splitting work consistently. I make splits using Mel's principles, and then put them into 5 frame nuc boxes and then add a second level when there is some capped brood, grow them and overwinter...
  15. Re: Hive Swarmed Last Night and then it Stormed.

    I expect you are going to get a variety of answers. Do not feel bad, it takes some experience to get a handle on how to prevent swarming and drawn comb, which almost nobody has at the beginning,...
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    Re: Bees for BVT in wintertime?

    I keep my bees in Hudson, WI which is a similar climate. I use small upper entrances and when I blow vigorously into the entrance in the winter a bee or two will come to object. Those bees get used...
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    Re: Feeding Sub Response

    Post #124 reminded me of a point that Mike Palmer makes in one of his videos about using brood builder colonies in a sustainable apiary. He says something to the effect of we never really tap the...
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    Re: Newbee in Wisconsin

    Welcome. Summer is coming!
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    Re: When to use a smoker

    It is always better to play safe and give them a waft of cool smoke. When they were in the package they were homeless and had nothing to defend. Now they are in the hive they have something worth...
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    Re: No Luck With Splits

    Scorpion, one problem you may be having is with feeding. I have had a lot of success in raising bees by splitting them using the methods of Mel Disselkoen, and then growing them on using Michael...
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    Re: solar wax melter recommendations

    A hot car can work.

    Do you have a wheelbarrow? I have used a black wheel barrow, and bungee corded a piece of clear plastic to the top of it with good results.
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    Re: Hi from Minnesota

    Welcome, it is a beautiful spring. :)
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    Re: Hello from Cornwall, England

    Welcome to Beesource. There is plenty to learn.
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    Re: A mystery in our OTS hives.

    I have seen the same thing. I notch cells for insurance , but find some perfectly good cells are made that I didn't notch. I now cut out all cells in each nuc except for 1 or 2 in order to avoid...
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    Re: Screened inner covers/ robbing?

    Cherry what did you put the screened inner covers on for?
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