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  1. Thread: Honey Supers

    by Beregondo

    Re: Honey Supers

    I have a yard in Oregon City, and the bees are still pulling comb.

    Colton's a bit higher elevation, I think?

    If it were me, I'd pull the supers on schedule, but hold back from extracting til I...
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    Re: queen replacement

    If you want the queen to lay, she ne ds clean empty cells to do it in.

    Pulling a couple frames of honey and putting a frame of foundation should accomplish that.

    Put a frame of foundation on...
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    Re: New Package - Sugar Water NOT Punctured

    Unfortunately there are two incidences of negligence here.

    The supplier who didn't pierce the feed can was negligent in doing so, and should have replaced it immediately when your receiving...
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    Re: Adding brood to new swarm question

    If you are worried that they'll abscond, it's against their nature to abandon open brood.

    Add a single frame of open brood and you should be fine.

    Have fun.
    Enjoy your Bees.
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    Re: Small cell bees and Survivor bees

    It's absolutely normal.

    Brood cell size varies within every hive.

    Clean, new cimb is more important than small cell comb if you want your Bees to survive.

    It just happens that when your Bees...
  6. Re: Converting over to small cell foundation--

    I think the fact that the wax in your small cell frames is new and clesn, and uncontaminated with pesticide residues has more to do with colony health than small cells.

    I quit using them after...
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    Re: Best time of day for split

    I haven't seen hive beetles here in the year since returning to Washington, nor were there any around Elmira when I was in New York learning beekeeping.

    I have no experience with hive beetles at...
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    Re: Best time of day for split

    I split and leave the nuc in the same yard unless there is a reason I *want* them somewhere else.

    I put a frame of pollen next to the nuc wall

    I put a frame of mostly open brood with some...
  9. Re: What Kind of Bottom Board with Top Entrance?

    When I use a top entrance, I either block a solid bottom board closed, or simply use a piece if exterior plywood.

    If it is intended to permanently be the bootm board, I paint the pkyood for...
  10. Re: Add a 3rd nuc deep or switch to 10 frame deep?

    Tall nucs swarm easily.

    If you stay on top of them, that means swarm cells (the beat me quality queen cells) to make queens with, with no time or effort spent grafting and starting cells.

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    Re: Buying a nuc question?

    2nd year queen pro:
    She lays more prolifically than a newly bred queen and will build population faster.

    2nd year queen con:
    She lays more prolifically than a newly bred queen and you are wise...
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    Re: Strip of honey on each brood frame

    Actually, it's not the top bar, but the honey band most queens don't want to cross.
    If you don't have supers on for honey when this happens, and don't put a fresh frame in both for her to lay in and...
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    Re: Wintering question

    I overwintered both double nucs and 8 frame doubles in upstate NY.

    I didn't wrap, didn't move them, and they did very well, even in -24F weather.

    You *can* put them in a barn, but why deal with...
  14. Thread: Next step

    by Beregondo

    Re: Next step

    A frame of open brood makes them far less likely to abscond.

    I don't think feeding in any way encourages them to leave, and light syrup encourages comb building.

    Once you see them bringing in...
  15. Re: Two Nucs over divided 10 frame - what am I missing here? The dimensions don't ad

    If your second story is a divided 10 frame box, when you take it off, you have 3 places a queen can move from olthe nuc on one side to the one next to it: the top of the divider in the top box, the...
  16. Re: Wondering if it is too late to apply Apiguard and/or Oxalic dribble?

    The bacteria and microflora in a bee's midgut are likely involved in producing dog Stive enzymes.
    Antibiotics like fumagilin kill them..and make it harder to digest food , which hampers good...
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    Re: Bee removal part successful need advice

    Suit up, including gloves.
    Tape up every opening in your clothes that bees might get in

    Get enough containers to hold all of those bees still under the structure.
    Drill a lot more vent holes...
  18. Re: which state is best to home base if pollinating almonds?

    If you want low travel expenses,
    moderate temperatures, abundant forage, no hassles crossing the border into California,
    I'd go out on a limb and say northern or north central California.

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    Re: Mini nucs,are they worth selling?

    I'd be interested in half size top and bottom bars, as well.
  20. Re: Electric fence where ground rod is not possible

    A chicken wire mat is a good bet... You want him to get jolted the first time he sniffs or licks the bacon or peanut butter bait.

    That may not happen if it has to touch another wire at the same...
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    Re: top feeder and mold

    Put a coin, a piece of matchstick, or a 1/16-1/8" thick bit of twig on each corner of the inner cover to let some air vent out the top thru the inner cover hole.

    The extra air flow may stop or...
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    Re: Quenless roar

    Requeen or add a frame of eggs and young brood and wait for them to raise a queen on their own.

    Have fun.
    Enjoy your bees.
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    Re: Do beehives scare away hummers?

    I keep a hive about 40' from a hummingbird feeder.
    They don't fight with the birds, nor compete at their feeder.

    I have seen them get close to it while foraging nearby flowers and watched a bird...
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    Re: New in Roy Washington

    There's are a number of folks in and around western Washington that are active on Beesource, from minz and Beedeetee in the PDX Vancouver area to WBVC and Grozzie2 up by the other...
  25. Re: Hive combine went well, but advice needed

    You can simply move the unfraen frames.
    If placed between the outermost frame of brood on each side of the broodnest and the pollen/necatr frame next to it they will draw them very quickly as they...
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