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    Re: Can I split this hive?

    And start 1:1 feeding.
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    Re: extracting outdoors at night.

    May get buggy outside at night, bugs in the extractor will make for bug parts in the honey and wax moths in the cappings. Maybe buy a large mosquito canopy and extract in that (day or night)?
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    Re: Why do I not see Sumac yet?

    Me bad, I guess I was thinking about Austin Powers shagadelic.
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    Re: seasonal creek for bee planting

    I would go with mustard, it's quick to bloom and if it get's it's feet wet it will still produce flowers.
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    Re: Why do I not see Sumac yet?

    Shaghorn sumac bloomed around June12-20th in East Tennessee/North Ga, it normally produces a good flow of yellow/golden honey. Smooth Sumac is just starting to bloom (it's late about two weeks) and...
  6. Re: Cleaning now Blackened Beeswax splotches from the driveway

    Butane torch, burn it off.
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    Re: Requeening a mean hive

    Pull 5 frames with nurse bees and brood and make a nuc. Add queen and wait till laying then place on top of nasty hive but make sure you don't have a queen. You could also spit the double hive and...
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    Re: Tree/Shrub for summer dirth SE KY

    Black sumac/smooth sumac (Rhus Glabra) is getting ready to bloom in North Georgia/East Tennessee, this will be the last large sumac bush to bloom that may produce a small surplus of nectar.
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    Re: Nuc what?


    1. I sealed the Nuc and moved it down to its new location. I was planning on leaving it sealed overnight and then putting a branch in front of the opening (with an entrance reducer on...
  10. This may get interesting, bird decline and neonicotinoid link...

    The widespread use of a type of insecticide that has been blamed for honeybee deaths is linked to a...
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    Re: Easier Re-queening??

    Done it in the past and it's worked. I have had no luck with the swarm-queen-juice this year so it's iffy on it's potential as a swarm attractant. I love to smash queens from nasty mean hives, it's...
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    Re: Combine Hives, Yes/No?

    Your odds of having bees come next spring will be 100% greater with two hive going into fall.
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    Re: Did we miss tulip poplar this year?

    Most of the TP nectar in East Tn. was used for late brood build up.
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    Re: making a split with a purchased queen

    Make really really really really sure that your queen will get there on the date that you think the queen will get there!!!! I was left out to dry last month on requeening hives and no queens showing...
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    Re: dearth in middle Tennessee?

    Yup the surplus nectar is over. The last of the sourwood & sumac is about gone but they will still work clover on good days. To get the rest of the supers full of wax you willl have to pull and...
  16. Re: Trouble in bee paradise! Help would be appreciated!

    If they ran out of room for the queen to lay I would bet that they cast a swarm. Several of my first year nucs have swarmed this year before I could get them into a 5X5 double nuc setup. Sometimes...
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    Re: 1st Year Russian Hives

    It all depends on the queen genetics, I've had one hive of russians from last year. Good winter population but poor slow build up and no honey production this year. They will be requeened this week...
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    Re: Leaving enough honey

    Ditto too! But you need to have a brood break in July-early August, drop med for mites during that time and then feed like crazy to get them up to 60 lbs going in to late fall so it's tricky.
  19. Re: Moving a hive, in two sections? (too tall for the car)

    Also some trunks air space leak into the passenger space so keep the lids and bottoms tight. It would be a good idea to have a veil with you at all times.
  20. Re: Flow ended 35 28′ N, 81 14′ W Lincolnton NC ?

    Still got sumac species that out there heavy and with the rain that's forecast it should last for two more weeks.
  21. Re: Getting ready to make a split w/ a purchased queen - mated vs. virgin queen??

    One of the last queens I got from Kelley was a virgin and it was way over $10 and took over two weeks to start laying, so you never know.:no:
  22. Re: Questions about replacing a mean queen??

    I'm starting to wonder if AHB genetics will be a blessing in the long run. I have some hot hives that came from a commercial operation last fall. I had to move about 6 hives that were too nasty to...
  23. Re: Post Swarm - Source Hive, buy a mated queen or let nature take course

    Sometimes it feels like this: From Monty Python's "King of Swamp Castle: When I first came here, this was all swamp. Everyone said I was daft to build a castle on a swamp, but I built in all the...
  24. Re: Allow aggressive hive to requeen or use queen from different genetics?

    I would requeen now. After June it's a lot harder to get queens in the mail due to hot weather and a lot of the queen producers start shutting down. Also if the aggressive hive doesn't take the new...
  25. Re: How do you know when a honey flow is ending?

    Clover may bloom into August but it's almost impossible to get a surplus during the hot summer months. As soon as the sumac is finished in the lower elevations of East Tennessee the main honey flow...
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