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    Re: They lit me up!

    Maybe they were too awake to oxyvap since they were the last hive done. Try doing that hive first next time.
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    Re: Electric Fence Questions????

    Get this one, all the ranchers and lots of beekeepers use this one. I use this one, love it. Don't waste any money on the Tractor Supply one.
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    Re: Sad bees - hornets - smaller hive

    Don't give up on them yet. They may still pull through. I've a 'small' colony also, has been toughing it out with chalk brood, then the YJ's showed up in droves one day. I believe the YJ's were...
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    Re: Bull Ants!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Found this about Bull Ants. , in case anyone was wondering what they looked like
  5. Re: Wintergreen for Varroa control, via UWV

    Thanks all you've been a great help. I OAV, have completed one round, as in 5 or so treatments 5 days apart each. And was looking into anything else that may help. I'll OAV again in Nov.
  6. Wintergreen for Varroa control, via UWV

    Found this on line about the use of Wintergreen in syrup/honey. Looks like they feed this, 25 drops per qt of syrup, or honey water mix. Seems awful strong, they don't say they use this to mix with...
  7. Re: How do you get 180-200 lbs of honey per hive??

    Like one person said move to the Dakotas
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    Re: Fighting mites with syrup

    Heres a link I found
  9. Re: More syrup than I thought... is this right?

    I keep it simple. I use 1.5 gallons of water, give or take a little, it equals about 12 pounds. Heat it up and gradually add a 25 pound sack of sugar. Gives me a little more than 3 gallons.
  10. Re: Yellow Jackets attaching bees outside the hive

    This evening I headed out to refill feeders in my hives. Looked at the landing board and thought, wow, there's a lot of bees there, got closer, CRAP!!! Yellow Jackets, tons and tons of them. I...
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    Re: Bottled my first honey and well..

    No, send it to me, I am the ONLY licenced disposal company for honey with a green tint :-)
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    Re: cut comb minis!

    What a cool idea! Thanks so much for sharing. I've several relatives that are older, they love honey comb. This year I ended up giving them some comb in a jar with honey, but next year I'll be...
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    Re: Extraction fail any tips

    I empathize with you, same thing happened to me. My advice to you, get a bunch of buckets, several with honey gates on them. Do the old crush and strain, I used a masher to crush the comb, I didnt...
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    Re: Apivar storage

    I've a vacuum sealer, I vacuum pack them and store them in the freezer
  15. Mold on beeswax, still okay to process?

    Have my wax in a bucket, still sitting in a paint strainer. I cleaned it a few weeks ago, got busy and could not melt it right away. Still havent melted it, but looked at it tonight and there is...
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    Re: Bee Keeping is local

    Strange here too. This time last year I was feeding syrup. Don't know if it was because they were new colonies last year, or what. This year I have a "bait" feeding station out, away from the...
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    Re: Honey extracting set up advice

    Last year i had only 7 med frames to extract, it had been my first year. This year I had about 50 frames to extract. I found myself running down to the store to get MORE 5 gallon buckets, and paint...
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    Re: Dry land beekeeping

    That is a great advantage, not having any crops or urban areas close by. Your honey will be truly "wildflower" honey. Once you get your bees, you will start noticing things that flower, that you...
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    Re: What power supply to get for OAV?

    Can you drive your car up to the hives? If you need an extension from the car battery, you can use jumper cables to connect to the vaporizer.
  20. Re: What time of day to treat with an oxalic acid vaporizer?

    When I treat I get up nice and early before the bees are out flying. Block off the entrance and vaporize. I guess you could do it at night, but I'd think it would upset them more since it it night...
  21. Re: "Beekeeper ordered to pay bills for neighbor who was stung"

    Wow, those Bay Area/S.F. prices. I went to a small town hospital, was seen in 10 minutes upon arrival, 3 x-rays, and the bill was under $1000.00
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    Re: Removing bees from honey supers

    Same as Grozzie2, I put the bee escapes under 3 supers, left it on for a day or so, still had plenty of bees in the supers, and clogged exits in the bee escape along with several dozen dead bees. I...
  23. Re: Ideas for keeping cool in a full suit?

    All I can think of is get your shirt soaking wet before you put your suit on. Would work where I live, as it's a dry heat, not humid. Don't know about where you are.
  24. Re: Honey comb that has both honey and pollen in the cells,

    Thanks Ray, I too use a paint filter in a 5 gal bucket. I'll filter this little bit on its own though.
    Thanks for the info on the wax too, I've 3 buckets for wax, dark, golden, and light stuff. ...
  25. Honey comb that has both honey and pollen in the cells,

    I have a frame of honey that has pollen in it also. I thought it was dark honey, then when I scraped it off the foundation, there was a bunch of packed pollen under the honey.
    Is it a loss, or can...
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