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    Re: Japanese Beetles

    If it's feasible, hang your traps "away" from your property. This will draw the beetles "away" from your foliage.

    The worst year I ever had with Japanese Beetles was the year I set out traps. I...
  2. Re: Holy crap I am sold on the Sustainable Apiary model!

    I've avoided trying to overwinter nucs until finally taking the plunge last year, thanks to encouragement from MP's videos. I overwintered a handful of nucs in a 3 story, 5 frame medium configuration...
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    Re: Cleaning hands

    I use 5 Mil Nitrile gloves which I pick up for a great price when Harbor Freight puts the 100 ct boxes on sale. I don't like all the moisture that accumulates in the gloves either, but if it gets too...
  4. Re: Latest from Brushy Mountain on Oxalic Acid

    I searched as well with no luck. If it's approved in your state, where can you purchase the product with the appropriate "label"?
  5. Re: how to tell if store sugar is from cane or beet

    There have also been concerns related to sugar beets treated with neonicotinoids, resulting in a contaminated sugar product. See Randy's test results below.
  6. Re: Why do some apiaries run consistently small hives, while others run towers?

    This would be a good method to increase your hive numbers, but as you redistribute frames and do splits you weaken the donor hives. You will have more hives in the end, but not much honey from any of...
  7. Re: Dying to Know What my Bees are Foraging (Ohio)

    Locust is finished. The Yellow Sweet Clover is starting up.
  8. Re: Is a simulated swarm just a pre-swarm split?

    I guess what it boils down to is ... do you think what NewbeeInNH did will help prevent the colony from swarming?
  9. Re: Is a simulated swarm just a pre-swarm split?

    What would you do differently to produce a simulated swarm?

    I agree, technically it was a walkaway split. But isn't the end result the same as a simulated swarm? The queen is gone, with a good...
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    Re: Swarming?

    A lot can happen in two weeks this time of year with a strong colony. If you don't have time to do a thorough inspection you should at least tilt the boxes up on their side and take a quick look at...
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    Re: Swarming?

    You have a point, the reducer needs to come out. But I have never had bees beard like this on the "opposite side" of the entrance. I have a feeling something else is in play other than a restricted...
  12. Re: Album of First Inspection After Swarm Plus Questions

    That's very common. Many times after a strong hive swarms and 30-40% of the bees are gone you really can't tell the difference. That's when mistakes can be made.

    All of the bees appear to still...
  13. Re: Album of First Inspection After Swarm Plus Questions

    I don't think you need to worry about being pollen bound either. There are quite a few capped brood cells remaining on the frames. When those workers emerge there will be plenty of empty cells for...
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    Re: Question on Splitting/Finding the Queen

    I understand. If your colony is that far along and has swarms cells started with larvae in them then you need to act immediately and do your splits. Don't worry about where the queen is, just split...
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    Re: Question on Splitting/Finding the Queen

    It is a great idea if you are in hurry and have to make a split immediately and need to be certain which one has the queen.

    If you are able to wait for a week, split evenly all the brood and...
  16. Re: How to identify which hive swarmed? Lower honey? Other?

    If they all have capped swarm cells, then they may have all swarmed already. You just got lucky and caught one of them.

    I would be very careful cutting out all the swarm cells. If the original...
  17. Re: Relocating hives morning vs. evening

    My preference for moving hives, if I have an option, is to do it before first light in the morning. It's usually cooler and there seem to be less bees bearding just before daylight than in the...
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    Re: Bees are ignoring dandelion

    We just had a tremendous dandelion bloom here over the past couple of weeks. The bees barely touched them. There is something else out there blooming at the same time which they prefer. Nectar and...
  19. Re: Latest from Brushy Mountain on Oxalic Acid

    Could you expand on this. I'm curious, does BM have exclusive rights in PA at this time to market the "labeled" product?
  20. Re: How to manage the back filling in the brood nest

    I assume you probably had a lot of frames with brood in the donor hive when you removed the queen. In a few weeks those bees will have all emerged and will be leaving empty cells behind for the new...
  21. Re: No Appologies for Being New: My Perspective

    Very sound advice. Start out by mimicking a successful "local" beekeeper and create your own baseline. After that, try experimenting with other ideas that look interesting. Test "new" methods...
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    Re: Overwintering and candy boards

    That's step #1. If you don't manage the mites with the right genetics or some form of treatment, nothing else really matters.
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    Re: Is Miracle Grow bad?

    If you are using Miracle Grow "potting soil" check the label. Some of the commercial bagged potting soils now contain neonicotinoids, if that might be a concern for you.
  24. Re: Which would you buy: Biovet Varrox vs. Heilyser Vaporizer?

    I've had both. The JB-200 Heilyser was my first and it worked just fine. The main difference is the quality in the construction, the Varrox seems to be more solid and durable. With just a few hives...
  25. Re: Are you really losing money if you let your bees swarm?

    That's the bottom line.

    There are many ways to make money with bees while maintaining a consistent number of hives. But allowing them to swarm is not very high on the list.
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