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  1. Re: No way to reach the bees! What to do?

    "You are reaching in sideways and then it is a 90 degree turn and up 2 ft to the bees?"

    That's a pretty good description!!!

    "The bees in the doubled up 2x6 rafters showing comb, or also in the...
  2. Re: No way to reach the bees! What to do?

    I appreciate the responses but none except possibly Michael's suggestion of Bee Quick will work. Here is a photo of what I took with my camera AROUND A CORNER with my arm stretched out as far as I...
  3. No way to reach the bees! What to do?

    I have a cut-out that is in such a twisted location that I can't reach them. By reaching as far as my arm will reach, I can take a photo with my phone of the bees behind 2 X 4's more than two feet...
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    Re: Feeding honey back to bees

    This is not my thread, but I do understand the need to feed old honey. I remove bees from houses and have about 5 gallons of honey that I took from under a trailer house. It was woven in amongst...
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    How to clean Plasticell

    I am cleaning up several boxes of plasticell and want to know if anyone has found a good way to get the brown cell casings from brood cells out of the bottom of the plastic cells. I plan on...
  6. Re: filters/ strainers for 5 gallon honey bucket- plastic or stainless steel?

    Bsweet said "If you go to fine with the filter you will end up removing alot of pollen and thats what makes local honey so special not to mention the finer the filter the slower the honey drains...
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    Re: Wax foundation... Arrrrgghhhh!!!

    About 5 years ago I bought 300 medium Plasticell in assembled wooden frames because the dealer had them on sale for $1 each. I STILL have some that the bees have not drawn out. They claim they were...
  8. Re: Removing Telescoping cover when no inner cover was used!!!

    Thanks for all the advice!!!

    I used 1 x 2 boards about 10 inches long. I put 3 wood screws in each one and then screwed them into the hive bodies 1/16 of an inch below the bottom of the...
  9. Removing Telescoping cover when no inner cover was used!!!

    Ok....New problem.

    I have been asked to help clean up a situation at an educational facility where someone who knew just enough to get himself in trouble put telescoping covers on 12 hives and...
  10. Re: November/Thanksgiving Specials Discounts Free Shipping Save$$$$

    I went by Lowe's today and they were out of them, too. BUT, the salesman said I could buy them (pay for them) today and then pick them up when they come in. That way I get the sale price. Since...
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    Re: Neat Ideas for Your Honey House

    One of the things I do plan on including is a 3-foot square insulated closet with a 36 inch door. I will use this to warm supers of honey to extract if I need to. I will also have an air...
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    Re: Neat Ideas for Your Honey House

    God has blessed me even in losing the barn. I have wanted a "nice" place to extract and keep my bee stuff for many years.

    Thanks for the idea for used restaurant equipment. My wife is getting a...
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    Neat Ideas for Your Honey House

    Thanks to a tornado that took out my small barn and the insurance money that I got from that, I now have "seed money" for a much nicer barn. Still not as big as I would like, of course, but still,...
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    Re: I saw a laying worker

    I don't think she got her wings in the cell. She was moving pretty fast and did look kinda akward.
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    I saw a laying worker

    I was looking through a hive today that I requeened last week. I didn't see the queen and all of the cells had 4 to 6 eggs in each cell. All of a sudden I saw a worker bee stick her head in a cell,...
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    Internet lesson for my club

    The Central Texas Beekeepers is meeting tonight and I am doing a demonstration of internet sites.

    If anyone sees this in the next 20 minutes, please respond so I can show my members how this...
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    Re: Beekeeping School in Texas

    This is partially to "Bump" (and I hate guys that just "bump", so, I'm sorry!) and partially to say we have 106 already registered for the school on March 12 in Brenham, Texas (45 miles northeast of...
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    Re: What do you set your Langs hives on

    I used 2 landscaping timbers (appx. 4 x 4's rounded on 2 sides) that were here when I bought the place. I put 2 timbers parallel stretched between cinder blocks. This will hold 3 hives nicely using...
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    Beekeeping School in Texas

    The Third Annual Beginning Beekeepers School sponsored by the Central Texas Beekeepers will be held on Saturday, March 12, 2011. Anyone interested in learning how to keep bees is encouraged to...
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    Swarm in January?

    I was out loading bees in my new observation hive today. (Ok....I know it's January 23, but I am in Texas and it WAS 68 degrees out today. Besides, I have three presentations over the next 8 days.)...
  21. Central Texas Beekeepers January Meeting

    The January meeting of the Central Texas Beekeepers will be held on Thursday, Jan. 27 at 7 p.m. in the VIP room at the Washington County Fairgrounds in Brenham, Texas.
    Our guest speaker will be...
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    Re: ABF Meeting in Galveston

    Next year's meeting is in Las Vegas. I'm sure it is joint. I don't know.

    I did not see anyone recording these sessions but I was not in the large meetings.

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    Re: ABF Meeting in Galveston

    I went and enjoyed myself. Learned a few things. Of course, I attended the Serious Sideliner Symposium and did not go to the "really serious" stuff. That would have been over my head.

    I sat in...
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    Re: Website Feedback


    Nice web site.

    My only comment is about the photo of you with the tall hive. You have a caption under the photo in your album, but you have no explination for the photo on your...
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    Re: Winch/lift for hives on pickup/trailer

    I have looked at the "powered hitch lift". At $229. it would be about the same as a winch/crane combination and would probably be more versitle. My concerns are:

    1) I keep my hives on cinder...
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