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    Re: top feeder removal?

    If it isn't molding leave it
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    Re: Howdy from Rhinelander Wisconsin

    I spent alot of time back in the 70's in Eagle River. I really miss that area and those days. grew up in antigo. welcome by the way
  3. Re: Finding dried out dead this indicative of a disease or my paranoia?

    If you do nothing it will disapear as soon as the damp weather goes away
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    Re: Frame feeder question

    Personally I dont like frame feeders. They drown to many bee's. I dont like opening the hive to feed. They hold to little. Most people that use them just leave them in. The brood nest seldom...
  5. Re: Caught and installed swarm from my hive. Now what?

    I don't know if you are treating or not but either way a colony making it through one winter doesn't not mean that you have any special mite resistance as stated above. Mite loads don't over take ...
  6. Re: Caught and installed swarm from my hive. Now what?

    So what you did here is a walk away split. Hope it all works for you. As I stated if you can move the split you increase you odds of them staying put. Don't worry about this at this point but...
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    Re: adding comb pieces

    yes they will tear them down and repair but really what are you trying to gain by this. Unless the comb is full of brood dont bother. Feed the new hives and they will build comb fast
  8. Re: Caught and installed swarm from my hive. Now what?

    I always have the best luck moving the new swarm to a new location. You can always move them back in a week or 2
  9. Re: Caught and installed swarm from my hive. Now what?

    If you are saying you dumped the swarm back in its original hive then I'm suprised they have not already left a second time.
  10. Re: Question about scratching honey combs to feed package.

    dont scratch any. They dont have to be taught this stuff
  11. Re: aggressive racoon, or fox?, climbs 12 feet, flips heavy lids, eats comb, trap set

    buy a can of golden malrin fly bait at your local feed store. In a bowl mix about 1/4 cup with a 1/2 can of coke. Place it off the ground on you platform. Dogs are not going to climb to get it. ...
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    Re: Your favorite brew supply store

    Shipping is always a big expense so I look for flat rate. Northern Brewer and midwest brewing compete for customers so usually have deals. They both give me a 10% veterans discount.
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    Re: converting migratory cover to top entrance

    This is how I did it. This site also has plans to build your own. I have built about 100 of these and every hive has one...
  14. Thread: AFB question

    by danno

    Re: AFB question

    There was a really good article about 5 or 6 years ago in either the journal or the bee culture where they shook the bee's into a empty box, boiled the frames in a strong lye solution and torched...
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    Re: Colony absconded and went to swarm trap NUC

    I always wait until I see some pollen being brought in before I look inside.
  16. Re: need approval for my plan to install multiple packages on same day.

    The spray bottle and waiting until late in the day are 2 important things I missed in my above post. As for direct releasing the queens as Camero7 does. Most likely this will work because as I...
  17. Re: need approval for my plan to install multiple packages on same day.

    1 stop worrying so much about drifting. set up your hives where you want them to stay. moving them later is just a pain.
    2 install all 4 packages at one time. again stop worrying
    3 hang the...
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    Re: Plasticell Foundation

    man lake plastic never needs to have extra wax rolled on.
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    Fox 17 Honey investigation in Michigan
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    Re: rheumatoid arthritis

    I wish you luck Dan. I have 2 very close that have it. My mom that got it in the late 70's. She is a mess with every joint in her body replaced. They there is my friend that I went in the...
  21. Thread: Loans

    by danno

    Re: Loans

    I think your going to have to answer your own question. Are you planning on buying established colonies, nucs or packages. Establish will make a crop the first year. The other 2 options maybe. ...
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    Re: bottom board question

    This is the original way Dr CC miller designed it. The slates went opposite of the frames to help with drafts. Brushy mountain got the bright idea the put them parallel so debrie falling between...
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    Re: Convert a package to a Nuc?

    a 3 pound will easily fit in a 5 frame but just keep a eye on them so they dont out grow it and swarm expecially if you are feeding
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    Re: bottom board question

    Personally I would just let a strong hive do the cleaning. If you really feel the need just do some sanding and maybe a spray bottle of bleach followed by a good airing out on a sunny day but leave...
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    Re: Requeening package bees

    how many southern packages for how many years are you basing your queen failures on? No argument here that northern queens COULD do better but it makes no sense to squish a newly mated southern for...
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