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  1. Re: Moving from a Warre to a Lang or top bar.

    I have simply removed the topbar and hung them into an empty Lang frame. It fits. Try to place them in the same order. This won't spin well, but the bees adapt to the new size readily. ( I was giving...
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    Re: Solid Brood - as a bad thing?

    This is the truest thing about genetics that there is. Genetic tinkering is SO complicated, that , even if you dabble with it, you will be astounded, frustrated or just plain stymied in your goals....
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    Re: Mating queens with feral stock

    If you get virgin queens, or queenless (natural requeened) splits, or, your own colonie's swarrms, you will not be able to stop them mating with feral bees. The more pertinent question, would be how...
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    Re: All hives must have movable frames.

    All topbar hive keepers should have an old fashioned bur comb tool. it will easily separate the side bond to the box with very minimal damage, and you can remove the entire comb easily. Easy to make...
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    Re: How to build cheap top bars.

    I had problems with KTB hives that were 17" topbars. Breakage, collapses, dificulty in preventing too much burr comb. Which make the former issues.
    I am making a top bar box to the width of a...
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    Re: Drone comb loaded with mites

    The mites prefer drones, and a new natural method of control is to introduce foundation sized for drones, and then remove and destroy it, therby lowering the colony mite population. Try it on...
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    Re: The illegal TBH

    A top bar with a starter strip generally remains removable for it's useful life. I can always remove them, and if your "Apiary Inspector" is too incompetent to do so you may have a job available!...
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    Re: Warre - Top Entrance

    I didn't think of that, the animals. I do get pesty skunks, and coyotes do the same trick as the skunks. Also I like it that the rain splattered mud from storms doesn't get in the entry. And the ants...
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    Re: Warre - Top Entrance

    Some folks swear by top entry hives, and they do have some advantages.
    My good friend asked me to set up a few, in the swarm lures that I put out, so in our curiosity this is what we found with...
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    Re: swarm trap size

    Lol! That type is very good, but hard to move, as it is really heavy! This seems to be the makings of a fine prank on a rancid neighbor, with the help of a dose of swarm lure!
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    Re: swarm trap size

    Nearly all my bees are trapped, so this is what happens in THIS area. 5 frame nucs, or a single Warre box get checked out and often passed up. They have a capture rate of 10% at best. An 8 frame or...
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    Re: youtube video series about bee lining

    I have some fond memories of being recruited as the "young, good set of eyes" for beelining. It was always a fun day, hiking and a picnic, when I was 12.
    Now that I can't see too great, I...
  13. Re: What do you do when encountering african bees for a cutout?

    About 75% of the wild bees in AZ are africanized, and are very common to find on a cut out task. I catch swarms and use swarm-lures, in AZ. Beekeeping in AZ means coping with them. I currently have...
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    Re: Modified Langstroth hive?

    I have noticed that an 8 frame hive, if the cut out was on the sides, would take a Warre topbar across the width. There is no reason a standard floor could not be used. it would be at least 1 5/8"...
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    Re: Swarm Trap Size Opinions Wanted.

    As you know, (or you would not have mentioned it) 40 liters is about the "sweet spot" for lure size. I have used an 8 frame deep, I think they are about 30 liters, and done fairly well. But, to your...
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    Re: 55 gallon Drum Top Bar Hive

    I never did a hive with this, but a 30 gallon barrel half, lined with ordinary planks (3/4 nom.) just laid inside, takes an ordinary KTBH bar, about 26 of them. Laid one out, and never put it...
  17. Re: Has anyone here made a TBH out of fence pickets?

    Use a sawzall type saw with a 6" metal cutting blade, and just slice thru the nails. A small flatbar will aid in getting clearance. A whole pallet can be disassembled without splitting any wood. I...
  18. Re: Will insulating hive too well cause a starve out?

    Man! Thats as bad as having to say the same word 3 times facing the wind!
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    Re: Weak first year Warre hive

    As a small aside, I agree that your hive is unfortunately doomed. IF... and this is just an if, they have contracted a disease, the spores may be embedded into the wood. I would just throw the...
  20. Re: Catch them today, and they leave the next day.

    Thanks for all the good ideas! The one thing I haven't been doing, is putting some brood in the boxes with the swarms. Well ,also, some are moved, some are left where caught. I appreciate all the...
  21. Catch them today, and they leave the next day.

    I wonder how people deal with the issue of retaining the swarms they catch, as I have trouble getting them to accept and stay in the hive. It seems they haven't had enough "flying around time". I...
  22. Re: I want to leep thos thread going on Warre Hives

    A couple of very good modifications, are these:
    Instead of little nails, use the smallest hand staples. very easy to remove and replace. Such as Arrow# J 21,or equiv.
    Use an inner cover of the...
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    Re: Warre bait hive

    The one best thing I have found is to have the synthetic pheromone, and to have a large enough box. Old comb is much less important. I have seen the scouts check all the boxes, and settle the swarm...
  24. Re: New Virgin entering wrong hive "unquestioned"

    This is extremely common with africanised bees, they take over established hives. Much to the chagrin of many beeks here in AZ. The "Usurp" rate near Tuscon is 40% in a season. After 2 years you can...
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    Re: Need Advice: Laying Worker(s)

    I have heard that a new queen will very soon, deal with any laying workers, with a sting. I don't know if its true, but, a queen's scent supresses laying workers.
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