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    Re: Duck Dynasty honeybee question

    I usually see two or so a year here in NW FLorida.

    Here is a link to one that had about 5 combs built on the soffit at the entrance to our old airport:


    Then this one was an open air...
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    Re: Florida dept AG apiary inspection

    The inspectors do not inspect all colonies in large operations. I once asked how they managed that with so few inspectors. They are required to inspect 10% of colonies in operations with more than...
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    Bee Swarm forces Plane to land
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    Re: A little frustrated with Dadant

    I always use a speed square before the glue sets to insure the frames are square. Only takes a few seconds to adjust it if it is not, and then your frames hang nice and stright in the box without...
  5. Re: Lost My Swarm!!!!! Did i do something wrong??

    A frame of open brood works much better at getting them to stay than pollen and honey. Give them a frame of brood and feed them sugar water or diluted honey next time.

    That said, sometimes they...
  6. Re: When to split - Queen Cells with larvae in hive

    That is a lot of extra work. Just add your empty when they are covering all but the outside two frames. During the flow, they will fill the boxes on top with honey before the queen can get up...
  7. Re: Hives in the Sun--how many SHB stay vs leave until cooler?

    Yes, DE in a full bottom west style trap. Dries em up doesn't kill bees.
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    Re: Sticking Hives next to someone else's...

    What conclusionwill you draw when the other hive has 5 supers stacked on it and yours are struggling to just feed themselves? Or your dies for mysterious reasons and his are fine? He treats. You...
  9. Re: Hives in the Sun--how many SHB stay vs leave until cooler?

    SHB fly most at dusk and night. Most likly what are being seen are new arrivals. The ones in the hives are normally corralled up and guarded in the hive and would find it difficult to just walk out....
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    Re: Backyard beekeeping buzzing in Florida

    Yes, I placed some hives in Panama City after the new rules came in effect. Code enforcement notified us that it was against the Panama City codes. I called the inspector, he came by just to insure...
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    Re: Sticking Hives next to someone else's...

  12. Re: What could the bees be bringing into the hive this time of year?

    Maples and camellia in bloom here
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    Re: Honey Glows Under Blacklight

    You inspired me. I just registered my new domain name ""
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    Re: Swarming 2014 -- any yet ?

    Picked up first swarm of the year 2/17/14 - Panama City Florida they landed in the middle of a paved road. Someone blocked traffic so I could get there, but not before some of the swarm (probably 2...
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    Re: Biggest mistake ?

    1. Thinking I knew what I was doing.....

    2. Catching the cab of my truck on fire with my smoker.....

    3. Failing to treat soon enough in late summer.... Went from 21 down to 5 hives...
  16. Re: Would you believe I got a swarm call today11-2-2013

    I did a removal today (open air colony). NW Florida

  17. Re: Treatment free success or failure: what makes the difference?

    I think it is a matter of perspective and how you define success or failure. Most of the TF beekeepers here (or non TF for that matter) have less than 3 years of experience in the field. It is...
  18. Re: HELP! Over 30 swarm cells but none of the queens are staying!

    I have to ask, are you sure they are queen cells and not drone cells?
  19. Re: Should you Really combine weak hives in the fall?

    the idea is to combine 2 or more weak hives to build one strong hive. I would not add a weak hive to a healthy/stong hive. The thought process is to give them the best chance of survival. A small...
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    Re: cut out help

    If people are being stung, are these bees worth saving? Normally bees will not bother those walking by ant even close distance to an entrance. Of course they could be swatting at them or sprying...
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    Re: Got a call for the big one today....

    The secrets out!

    Now we know how you get those big swarm collection numbers. We could all claim 100 or so a year when you are collecting 10 bees per swarm..... lol
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    Re: Help please. ? Bumblebee queen?

    I did not realize you were looking for a welcome and I know very little about bumblebees. However the originator of the post linked below did seem to have quite a bit of knowledge. Maybe he is...
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    Re: Best Advice for a New Beekeeper

    Define why you want to keep bees, then decide what you will call success. Those two decisions will guide all the rest of the things you do.

    Best practical advice I ever took: Run all mediums....
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    Re: I would like to be a commercial beek

    You guys are using the wrong varibles to determine maximum populations. There are only two things that need to be considered for your math. Those are how many egges a day the queen lays and how...
  25. Its about good basic beekeeping practices, not about treating or not.

    With all the dissention between the various camps, it seems that we are neglecting to advise new keepers on the most important and basic things in beekeeping.

    If we would quit arguing (debating)...
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