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    Re: 9 Frames in 10 Frame Super

    9 frames in a 10 frame brood chamber is not a good idea bees will fill with extra comb anywhere there is more than a bee space. I have 10 frames in a 10 frame brood box and 5 frames in a five frame...
  2. Thread: from the U.P

    by the doc

    Re: from the U.P

    Southwest lp here:)
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    Re: Control Winter Moisture

    i have had good success with the cedar shaving quilt box. very effective for moisture control

    I use something like this...
  4. Re: Expanding while mixing foundation and foundation-less

    funny you menttoined that chemguy

    I generally dont use foundation. But I have aquired a few boxes for free. when I have used it, my problem is I cannot get bees to draw out foundation. when...
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    Re: locust flow in michigan

    Had to open up brood nests and add drawn supers they have started blooming in the last 2 days
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    locust flow in michigan

    if the number of trees covered in white blooms are any indication there could be a good locust flow here in michigan. I have notice a few nearly filled medium supers on strong colonies. I added all...
  7. Re: Queens are released in foundationless...when to fix comb?

    yes fix em fast what they have now will set the pattern for drawing the rest of the frames.
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    Re: swarm entering established hive.

    I have had this happen several times in my yard. For example, last fall A small nuc left their box and took over a stronger nuc. I third to capture the invading queen as I was working the yard when...
  9. Re: If this is your first year and you plan to expand next year, READ THIS

    No problems extracting foundationless here, radial or tangential
  10. Re: 4 lb package of honeybees arrives and 90% dead!

    I can assure honey4alls packages are built like tanks. I was quite impressed with the precautions! Also the packages from koehnens and also beeweaver I received thru ups were well secured and...
  11. Re: 4 lb package of honeybees arrives and 90% dead!

    Yes I would agree with all of the above re use of the post office for packages

    I would never accept package bees thru the post office. I have received packages thru ups from both honey4all and...
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    Re: Fiberglass/nylon screen vs metal...

    Mice can easily chew thru the fiberglass nylon stuff and make a real mess
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    Re: Polar Vortex states

    Here in western michigan one of the coldest ever on record and second snowiest ever. I myself lost 3 of 11 full size colonies, all to dysentery like symptoms. I also lost 4 of 5 nucs that just...
  14. Re: Reuse of hive parts when exposed European foulbrood

    As far as EFB I believe several extension services also said one could fumigate non affected combs similar to how one fumigated for nosema (ie no destroyed brood)

    Otherwise cleaning with bleach...
  15. Re: Reuse of hive parts when exposed European foulbrood

    The spores are created within the scale of an infected hive. Any hive with abnormal brood should be destroyed . However what to do with the remaining non-affected colonies within the quaranteened...
  16. Re: Reuse of hive parts when exposed European foulbrood

    Also with respect to EFB I researched this quite a bit last year and the consensus of several sources was to shake swarm all affected colonies onto cleaned equipment. Most sources recommended oxytet...
  17. Re: Reuse of hive parts when exposed European foulbrood

    Not really that surprising. One should burn or irradiate an infected afb hive however it would be within reason to prophylacticly treat for afb in non affected hives within a contaminated...
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    Re: Central NY - 4/1/14 First day of pollen!

    First pollen today in western michigan. yellow and creamy white colors. Prob snowdrops and some mystery stuff. Crocus coming soon then maples!
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    Re: Saw Stop table saw

    I am not a surgeon per se but I do a lot of medical procedures and I need my fingers. My dad was a surgeon and he swore off power tools since he made his living from his hands.

    As I mentioned i...
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    Re: Saw Stop table saw

    Luv it! I make a living with my fingers so I absolutely cannot lose them. You need a different brake for the dato blade so that increases cost. The motor is very powerful!
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    Poll: Re: Winter moisture remedy?

    Quilt box with cedar shavings = nice and dry :)
  22. Re: Acetic Acid Fumgating after Dysentry/?Nosema

    There is an older reference which recommends this but that was for nosema Apis. Nosema ceranae is killed by cold temperatures but is not known for dysentery . If you suspect Apis, no harm in...
  23. Re: 1 1/4 inch end bars in the whole hive? Kelley's

    What is the idea behind the narrow frames in the brood nest? Do they typically not need this much space?

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    Re: Opening the hive in 25 degree weather???

    If they need feed then feed them. Have everything ready, open quick and add your feed, close ASAP. Done this many times and I have not yet had a die out from the simple act of just opening as...
  25. Re: Michael Bush at the Kalamazoo bee club today

    Honey4all there are two main suppliers of packages. The Georgia one is through gardeners and he is doing about $90 for late April early may. The other is from Cali olivarez and they are also doing...
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