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  1. Re: Who wants to talk about unusually warm winter weather?

    Regarding the weather

    We have been mild for most of the fall but -25 last month with a week below freezing probably averages out to normal temps.
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    Re: Heard a taLL tail. Is it true?

    Sounds like how the University of Minnesota recommends managing langs. You split off a young colony every year and use the old one to make honey and take everything. They have a good set of books....
  3. Re: Which length is best for a Top Bar Hive? 3 or 4 feet?

    4-5 feet.

    Some of my fours don't have enough room in the summer, but five can be a pain to move. Both will flex in the middle if the legs are on end and they are full.

    I have some 3' and...
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    Re: roughcut lumber

    I use rough. Have to adjust the box size a bit. Nail it up quick though or it will warp or stack and sticker it for a few weeks in the garage or keep it covered and it will dry ok. I save more than...
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    Re: TBH Entrance

    I do mine on the end at the top or just set the top bar back some.
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    Re: Slow year for honey

    Slow/low year for me too. Cold spring I think.
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    Re: AHHHHH RATS!!!!

    Sounds like what I have read about Colony collapse disorder?

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    Re: Black Hairless Virus conibued

    Chronic bee paralysis?
  9. Re: What do you think about this book?

    The honey bee democracy is an ok read. Good information with a unique writing style.

    Haven't read the others.
  10. Re: How can I make hive boxes that are perfectly stackable-a necessary requirement.

    Take a hand plane to the high corners, that is what I do. You can buy one for ~$20.

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    Re: Nearly full in July?

    Build another hive 4-5 foot long and move them, and use the 3 footer as a big nuc. If you think you will get some more "flow" then take a couple bars, if not then leave it all(I would steal one just...
  12. Re: Wanting to build TBH for next year - Q's on construction material

    Use what you can get the cheapest. I use rough cut pine on my langs and top bars. I don't have a planer so some of mine look a little rough/warped but the bees don't mind.

  13. Re: Re-Use the package bee sugar syrup can

    I reuse them to feed nucs
  14. Re: Now I know why beekeepers wear white

    I have some black rimmed glasses they really don't like. :)

    I helped a guy with his first install the other day and they were not to fond of his cologne.
  15. Re: Three deeps as a winter plan in the North - Good or bad idea?

    Beekeeping publications from the Univ of Minn suggest using three deeps. I think they are plant zones 3 and 4.
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    Re: Bees Died

    The dead one abscond?
  17. Re: Does anyone have any of these laying around? Would make great top bar hives

    Iron lungs...
    A good reason for vaccination. Most adults today never had to live through a time when their childhood friends would not come back to school in the fall from polio outbreaks in the...
  18. Re: Minimum number of bees to start with queen

    One of mine that came out of this winter only had a handful of bees. So I would guess a frame of capped brood and a queen would keep them going.

    If you aren't having to buy the queen you don't...
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    Re: Bees congregating by hot tub

    Mine do the same. When you are small and an ectothermic in need of a big drink cold water can be a killer. Water in the bee yard is suppose to help.

    I don't worry about it. There was a similar...
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    Re: Saw Stop table saw

    Just got one. Got to put it together. Hopefully my fingers and my children's will be safe and never put it to the test.
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    Re: comb created perpendicular

    I am not sure it is right, but here are my thoughts. You could get some clam shell hair clips and cut the comb off in big strips. Drill two holes in your top bars and use a zip tie to thread through...
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    Re: first successful install

    good idea on the feeder
  23. Re: Picking up packages with public transit.........


    You ride public transit and some gets stung by anything and you got problems. Someone dies from anaphylaxis you got big problems. Is it likely no, but why bother.
  24. Re: Mystery item - what can I make with this?

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    Re: Drop bottom

    Well it is cold and windy and dry here. But I have an expression that extreme weather weeds out stupidity. The older I get I have come to think that maybe that actually means that similar fools...
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