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    Re: A Very Neat Insulated Nuc Box

    Or perhaps a layer of heavy aluminum foil?
    I don't think they'd chew it, , and it would both reflect radaint heat inward in winter, and outward in summer.
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    Re: Installing wind breaks...question

    Look at a tree or post (or in lake effect snow, a car alone in a parking lot) after a heavy snow:
    There's a little more snow on one side, and often a slight depression or hole on the other.

  3. Re: Using uncapped nectar frames from dead outs?

    If you know why the deadout died, and it was NOT a contagious disease like foulbrood or nosema, there is no harm in it.
  4. Re: Who do you use for Insurance for cutouts?

    Unless you get insured as a building construction contractor or pest removal contractor, I don't think you are going to find any carriers who will issue a policy for doing cutouts.

    If you do,...
  5. Re: Just when i thought my bees had made it through the winter..... UGH

    I'd heard that up around Rome and Utica NY, they have something called "Dead-Grass-in-the-Nettle" that blooms in early spring if you regularly dump the contents of an Aqueous Hive Top Hold Down on...
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    Re: Methods for Finding the Queen in a Swarm

    Where will the queen be?

    Buried in that mass of bees.

    With a swarm it is not unlikely to lthat she is a virgin, and hard to distinguish from the workers.

    Yod don't even need to hit the box...
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    Re: Mating nuc entrance and feeder question

    When you remove the migratory cover, and all three sections are open at the same time, what will prevent one queen from Chris tossing a divider into the neighboring queen's section, and one of them...
  8. Re: Conventional Beekeepers Bashing on Treatment Free Beekeepers

    It'd be easy for one to get the impression that there are a few here who don't give a rip if the OP (who apparently gave up hope of an answer sometime around two weeks ago after his last comment)...
  9. Re: Any TF packages in the Northwest? Beeweaver lost UPS

    Am I understanding correctly that you do not simply want a treatment free nuc in the NW?

    That you want a treatment free warre nuc in the NW?

    I suspect that there is a strong possibility that...
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    Re: Devastated...

    Mine was baited with several bacon slices tied at intervals around the strand of wire closest to nose height.

    It was equally effective.

    Be aware that is the sting on the nose and wanting to...
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    Re: Devastated...

    I've had bear issues when I lived on the NY/PA border.
    The first ti,e the bear came around he only knocked over a 5 over 5 nuc and nosed around.
    I thought, " better get a fence up soon."

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    Re: mildew on frames in my basement

    They sure will.

    If the only thing wrong with them is mold or mildew, or even bees that died from mites, starvation or other non-disease cause, put 'em in the box.

    The housekeeping bees will...
  13. Re: Small Cell and Large Cell in the same Hive

    You can do that.
    In fact, I would.

    The bees don't care.
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    Re: Successful First Split

    How long til she starts laying?

    12 days, +/- 5 days.

    How long til they start a new queen?

    If the have larvae the right age, within an hour or two of losing their queen.

    If not, never --...
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    Re: How do I limit my hives?

    Sure there is:
    Make nucs.
    Selling them will for your bee habit, as well as some of the decorating service wives ( if you have one) seem to like to do at the new quarters with every PCS.
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    Re: Swarm trap/catch question

    You can meet like, in fact, if you are moving it.a short distance, sooner is better, as there will be fewer foragers to get confused.

    Put them where you want them, then, put a...
  17. Re: Made a linseed oil wax/paste for inside the hive

    I paint the outside of my hives.

    I don't think whether or not the bees turn down a space because of paint, or oil/wax, have any bearing at all on what we ought to do with our hives.

  18. Re: Made a linseed oil wax/paste for inside the hive

    When's the last time you heard of a swarm refusing to move into a tree because in the *outside* was unpainted?

    Betcha never heard of that happening, either.
  19. Thread: Cheap Nucs?

    by Beregondo

    Re: Cheap Nucs?

    What's a nuc worth?

    There are at least two numbers, usually.

    For the buyer, it's the lowest price a seller will take for a nuke of the quality he wants, with the feature he wants, in the area...
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    Re: cut-out temps 40 degrees

    The bees will be ok.
    Use a bee vac to remove them from one comb, cut it out, then vac the next.

    Rubber band your brood comb intomframes as soon is cleared of bees, and put them in a hive...
  21. Re: Thoughts on reducing space in the spring - looking for input

    If I lived in Texas, I probably wouldn't reduce the space.

    If I lived further north and at an altitude where it stays cool on spring nights, I would.

    I'd also pay attention, maybe lifting the...
  22. Re: Do I need another water source? Live next to a bay of brackish water.

    A. Hixken waterer with gravel or flat craft marbles in the rim is cheap good neighbor insurance -- once bees find a source they like, they'll ignore a water source you provide..
    And the LOVE pool...
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    Re: Total newbie questions

    You don't need to wire your brood comb.

    You may want to get a clean, unused gallon bucket and poke holes in the top to make a feeder, and a super to (by setting it on s
    1/2" shims on top of the...
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    Re: Mann Lake plastic frames PF-127

    I ordered three cases of pf-100 series frames form Mann Lake several years ago to make small cell comb.

    What I liked about them:
    1 small cell comb
    2 no assembly or foundation insertion

    What I...
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    Re: Home made Anti-Robbing Screen

    I don't see any robbing going on.
    But there is another thing I don't see --- an entrance.

    Is there a way for our bes to get in and out of the hive?

    A robbing screen has a space for your bees...
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