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    Apiguard Spring Treatment (Kentucky)

    I treated my hives in the fall of last year and I'm hearing to treat them in the spring prior to putting the supers on.

    Since there is 2 treatments (put in place, wait 2 weeks, then put another...
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    Re: Vegans don't eat honey?

    I didn't read the entire 5 pages of threads but this stems from PETA saying it exploits bees. They were "iffy" about it for awhile and then they came to the conclusion that yes, its not "vegan...
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    Re: Opening hives this weekend, feed sugar?

    Thanks Seapro220. Did I hear you right in that your adding a pollen patty as well?
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    Re: Testing FREE SHIPPING

    Shipping to Kentucky for 1 hive body came out to be $7.50.

    But finally, a honest company that states FREE shipping and really mean free shipping without the "catches". Thank you!
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    Opening hives this weekend, feed sugar?

    Temperatures here in Kentucky are supposed to be in the 55's this weekend. Going into winter I had a empty shallow and 2 4lb bags of dry sugar placed on newspaper on each hive.

    Would it be...
  6. Re: Free Shipping Rant (Beekeeping Equipment Big Box Stores)

    So I got this newsletter from Kelley's saying they dropped their min order from $200 to $150 for their "free" shipping. Although it appears they haven't updated their website yet.

  7. So, has big box bee companies raised their prices again?

    So, I haven't had a chance to look at prices, but its seemed to me that your big box stores raise prices around this time of year. Any drastic changes in prices with equipment?
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    Re: Taking care of my winter boredom

    Awesome! I've been looking for a solution like this instead of just stacking them or putting them in shrink wraps.

    Wouldn't happen to have measurements would you?
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    Re: Worst mistake of 2014.

    Ate too much honey, 10lb weight gain ensued.
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    Re: Mated Queen who can tell

    If she's eating pickles, then.... :lpf:

    No seriously, like snl said, eggs in the nucs would indicate a mated queen. But couldn't this be confused with laying workers?

    For all the nucs they...
  11. Re: Hive on the shoulder of I-65 between Indy and Louisville

    First pop cans, now beehives.
  12. Re: LOL...somebody made top bar hives in video game

    My son plays this, I'll show him. Thanks!
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    Alternative to candle release spray?

    Is there an alternative to the candle release spray to get the candles out of the metal molds? Could olive oil spray, PAM, or butter spray work?
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    Re: Help me price this bid (pumpkin pollination)

    Thanks everyone, I'll refer the farmer to the local bee club in the area as well as call some of my beekeeping friends to pass on this opportunity
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    Re: Help me price this bid (pumpkin pollination)

    I've heard the same on the poor nectar/pollen crop, but its only 3-4 acres, not a monocrop.

    I was figuring I would visit the hives at least once a week to make sure they were ok, however, you...
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    Help me price this bid (pumpkin pollination)

    Was wondering if someone could help me price out a reasonable (for both ends) bid for pumpkin pollination for 2015.

    A farmer contacted me, said he has 3-4 acres of pumpkins going in for next...
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    Re: Strip Mine Beekeeping

    I think we are missing the original post from the OP where beekeeping on strip mines can help create jobs for Appalachian strip mines, as well as help promote pollination of the torn down land into...
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    Re: Strip Mine Beekeeping

    Nowadays it is rare for mine soil to be "contaminated". But historically, mine soil (called spoil) has sometimes been very acidic (with a low pH), causing acid mine drainage and causing some...
  19. Thread: hive scale

    by angel

    Re: hive scale

    I used to be a carney at the local fairs to guess a persons weight....

    No.... seriously.... I use outdoor cattle scales that we bought new when we had sheep. I see them on craigslist now from...
  20. Breaking the cluster with open feeding (cold/hot temps)

    The weather has been spotty for the last few days, getting 40 degrees at night but up in the high 50's, low 60's during midday. Bees are seen foraging and I wanted to give them a boost by doing open...
  21. Re: Free Shipping Rant (Beekeeping Equipment Big Box Stores)

    Ah yes, the land of the FREE!
  22. Re: Free Shipping Rant (Beekeeping Equipment Big Box Stores)

    Just like the gas station that charges .35 cent "courtesy fee" for any transaction swiped with a debit/credit card less than $10 doesn't get my business. Next think you know there will be a...
  23. Re: Free Shipping Rant (Beekeeping Equipment Big Box Stores)

    Actually, I think it does and I would actually order from your company if you posted it that way. At least its not deceiving and playing me for an idiot. Anyone else concur?

    Seriously, that...
  24. Re: Free Shipping Rant (Beekeeping Equipment Big Box Stores)

    Honestly, its not about the money or the shipping, its humanity that made me start this post. I could care less about the money part of this. To me, if they say something is free and there is a...
  25. Re: Free Shipping Rant (Beekeeping Equipment Big Box Stores)

    Best answer and some very good points. Build it and they will come.

    So, this brings up a point... are they targeting the wealthy that don't care what it costs or are they targeting the naive? I...
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