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  1. Honey Hunting Indiana - Illinois - Missouri - Kansas - Colorado

    Hi ya'll,

    I'm going to be driving from Indiana to Champaign, IL through Missouri, Kansas to Denver in a couple of weeks. If anyone has honey for sale, and you live near routes 70 or 72, please get...
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    high res photos of full frame of bees

    Hi there,

    Does anyone have high-res photos of full frames of bees/comb/brood/etc.? I'd like to print them life size, then frame them in the frames. Mediums if possible.

    This will be a teaching...
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    Re: Spreadsheets for honey marketing

    "super easy" might be an exaggeration. dsegrest, can you recommend a good tutorial?
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    Sticky: Re: Bulk honey prices and market outlook

    What kind of volume? If you were selling just 1 55 gal drum, what kind of price would you ask?
  5. Testing Laboratory in Southern California/Los Angeles

    Can anyone recommend a lab that can test honey samples? I have several 60# pails of citrus honey I got from San Diego County.

    I've tried the sites listed on, but so far have gotten no...
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