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    Re: Escape Boards - sensational - NEW

    This is what we learned, first time we tried escape boards. If you dont put the empty drawn super under the escape board, then the bees dont move down thru it. The second time I tried them, it...
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    Re: Mann Lake Extractor

    I've never weighed it, but nowhere near 300lbs. Ours was bolted to a very thin ply base in the shipping box, and we just left it on that. To move, just slide the ply, it moves fine. For cleaning...
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    Re: Mann Lake Extractor

    We bought the Mann Lake 9/18 and used it for the first time last spring. We are very happy with it. It's quiet, and does a good job spinning honey out of the frames. What we have found works well...
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    Re: Uncapping knife suggestions

    For our first few years, we weren't uncapping much, just used a fork. It worked, and for half a dozen boxes of frames, it was slow, but got the job done. Last year we pondered a few options to...
  5. Thread: bee excluder

    by grozzie2

    Re: bee excluder

    Try this link
  6. Thread: honey Vodka

    by grozzie2

    Re: honey Vodka

    This is the one we got.

    MH-DA4B is...
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    Re: Anyone ever use a 3rd deep brood chamber?

    I'm curious, is that because

    a) it works better
    b) it works just as good
    c) boxes get heavier as the years pass

    We've noticed the supers seem to be much heavier now after moving to our...
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    Re: Splits -Tips for Finding the Queen

    When we first got bees, I could spend 2 hours hunting, and not find a queen. A few times we went to the bee yard intending to do some form of manipulation that starts with 'find queen and set her...
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    Re: Bee Brief Nucs

    Yup, that's the biggest drawback for sure. I did have to scrape frame bottoms putting them in, completely slipped my mind until you mentioned it. I didn't find it overly onerous because I'm...
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    Re: Bee Brief Nucs

    I've got a stack of them out back. They are purpose designed for transporting nucs in quantity, and for that task, I think they are very good. Strong, bee-tight, and well ventilated when stacked 3...
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    Re: Swarm prep or queen replacement?

    Sounds to me like one emerged, and killed the other one. If you are worried abut swarm prep, and the capped cell has already emerged, then no need to worry about swarm prep any more, that swarm left...
  12. Re: Sensors inside and the Bee hive. The tech behind the buzz.

    That's why we still have one hive on a stand, just behind the house, within reach of a 50' extension cord. Power problems solved, and no real need to fuss with trying to put together low power...
  13. Re: Sensors inside and the Bee hive. The tech behind the buzz.

    Last time I checked, and I'll admit it's been a while, that setup ran in the thousands of dollars, and then it needs a monthly cellular data setup as well. I dont see a lot of folks going down that...
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    Re: Mann Lakes Sideliner Uncapper

    I was looking at it a couple years ago, but we opted to try something a lot less spendy first, works on roughly the same principle, uncapping by punching holes in the comb rather than cutting off the...
  15. Re: Paramount Farms buys out Headwater Honey (David Mendes)

    Highly unlikely the whole crew needs all that, but, after a buyout like this one, it's very normal to recruit over qualified folks into entry level positions. The intent is, a relatively rapid rise...
  16. Re: Sensors inside and the Bee hive. The tech behind the buzz.

    This is where we probably differ some in opinion. As far as I'm concerned, a hive down to 200 bees during winter is dead, they just dont know it yet. It's highly unlikely that many bees will be...
  17. Re: Sensors inside and the Bee hive. The tech behind the buzz.

    If only weight were simple to measure, then there would be lots of methods in place to do it. I've got an off the shelf scale under mine, small platform scale that has a serial port, and it's...
  18. Re: Sensors inside and the Bee hive. The tech behind the buzz.

    Thats a location issue. In our part of the world, once December rolls around, humidity will peg at 90+%, and stay there till March. Measurements that dont provide any useful amount of change,...
  19. Re: Sensors inside and the Bee hive. The tech behind the buzz.

    My setup is rather crude, but it works. The hive is sitting atop a scale, electronics in a nuc box right beside it. There is a little embedded computer in the nuc, which communicates over a wifi...
  20. Re: People actually make a living with honey production??

    My books would never show a profit either if we weren't tracking sales and expenses.
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    Re: Better Genetics

    I wouldn't base decisions on just survival from one winter, lots of other factors to consider. As an example, I have two colonies out back which are going to be candidates for the grafting tool this...
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    Re: Cellular Hive tracking

    If your ipad has cellular hardware in it, then it has a gps inside too. They come in two variants, with and without cellular, and all of the ones with cell hardware, have the gps module too. It's...
  23. Re: Pertaining to the Pacific North West..nectar and pollen dates

    I was out tilling a new patch on the back lot today, and we spotted the first dandelion of the season. Hard to believe, but, a dandelion blooming on Feb 22.
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    Re: Whiten up the comb--how to?

    This is an absolutely terrible idea, with horrific side effect consequences. Your bees have put a tremendous amount of effort into raising a healthy crop of varroa mites as pets, and using OA to...
  25. Re: Making Pollen Substitute today. (Thought I would share)

    We mixed our own for the first time this year, I just used a recipe I found on beesource, the post from MP at the end of this thread:
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