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    Re: Hive top feeder. Inner cover?

    You may have to install the inner cover on top of the top brood box and then the feeder. Bees may start to build comb in the wider throated types without it. I like the Miller feeder as it has a...
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    Re: No Gloves- No Veil......WHAT?

    I don't like being stung in the face and head, so I picked up a number of the $4 mosquito nets.

    It's quick and easy to do your top shirt button up, roll up the collar and pull the net on.

  3. Re: how much to ask for placing 1-2 hives in a garden?

    Offer some honey and hopefully you get some vegetables. Bees may or may not do much pollinating of the garden as depends what the preferred pollen/nectar source is in a 2 mile radius. They get two...
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    Re: Swarm and Queen management

    Very intriging!

    So to introduce a young queen to a strong hive, would it make sense to pull some frames from the strong hive and introduce the new queen into a NUC. Once she is laying good, pull...
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    Re: How to find an unmarked Queen?

    Probably narrowing it down to 6 frames, as generally outside two are honey and pollen. I don't use a lot of smoke, if at all.

    When looking for the queen, cover cloths are my best aid to keep...
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    Re: How to find an unmarked Queen?

    It can be daunting with a big hive.

    1. I run deeps and split the hive into three stacks - one brood, second brood, and a stack of honey supers. Place them on a solid piece of plywood with a...
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    Re: Indoor Wintering Mistake

    Ideally, remove the snow in the staging yard a few days before putting the hives out. The remaining snow will melt quickly and expose grass and black dirt. This is a warm spot for bees to warm up...
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    Re: Mold on inner cover

    Ran my hives with feed rim above the frames, c/w 3/4 round hole at front.

    Then installed the inner cover with notch up. Had problem with mold on top side in previous years and notch up eliminated...
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    Re: Moisture (soaking whet )

    Ditto, kept hives dry and warmer than I thought possible. I highly recommend you try a quilt box. Did it this year after talking to a local beekeeper who claimed 100% survival of 15 colonies.
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    Poll: Re: Hive Overwintering Fools - Challenge 2013/2014

    Winter is not over for us. Have updated the best I can. Bees have had a few cleansing flight days and am feeding candy blocks in a feed rim, but we will not be unwrapping for 4-6 weeks.
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    Re: Did you get honey your first year

    If you feed 1:1 syrup until you add your first honey super, you have a good chance of getting some surplus honey. Packages and NUCs need syrup to make wax and raise brood.

    Harvested 50 lbs from a...
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    Re: Syrup in cold temps

    What type of feeder are you using to feed the bees?

    If it's a frame feeder, you may be able to get the syrup warm enough by putting it in the south position. Between thermal gain and bee heating...
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    Re: Veil suit. Thoughts?

    IMHO, it is plain and simple bad advice to suggest to a new bee keeper to not wear some level of protective clothing. You need to recognize that a new package of mostly nurse bees can pretty safely...
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    Re: Another hand truck/lift design

    Get that patent application filled out!!!!!!!!!
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    Re: almond bees stolen

    There was a theft in northern Alberta of quite a few bees by taking a NUC sized number of frames out of hive c/w queen and replacing the frames. It wasn't until the apiary owner was doing the...
  16. Thread: Honey Supers

    by mgolden

    Re: Honey Supers

    In addition to checkerboarding, there is also a couple of very recent interesting threads on reversing the two brood supers.
  17. Re: Bottom Board, Inner Cover, and Outer Cover Assembly questions

    Place the side with no knots up on the outer cover. Rot starts readily around knot holes. I use plastic wood that can be purchased at most hardware stores to fill the holes. I then use a Clear...
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    Re: waxing plastic foundation

    Just a word of caution. Using hot wax on the one piece Pierco frames can warp the foundation. Then have to install the bows all in one direction. Otherwise you get them almost touching and very...
  19. Re: Bottom Board, Inner Cover, and Outer Cover Assembly questions

    My understanding is that the 3/4 side was intended for winter. Install the reducer so that the notch is up. This allows for a layer of dead bees over winter and bottom entrance doen't get blocked. ...
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    Poll: Re: Hive Overwintering Fools - Challenge 2013/2014

    What WBVC did for winter is mostly what I have done. Additionaly, I fed in the fall to top up the hives food supply also insulate with 2inch styrofoam and black paper. This is my first year using...
  21. Re: Frame Manipulation if don't Reverse Brood Supers

    Exactly, there's more to it then automatically reverse.

    On the honey dome, it is beneficial to keep the queen out of the honey supers. So if one keeps the sides of the two deep brood nest open...
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    Re: reversing boxes

    Cleaning the bottom board is standard practice.

    As stated above, it is counter productive to reverse the two deeps if the brood nest spans the two brood boxes. Worst case is bees may not be able...
  23. Re: Frame Manipulation if don't Reverse Brood Supers

    Sorry for the confusion. I'm coming from the premise that the bottom deep contains little to no brood. Will be some empty comb/pollen and honey towards sides. Bees have been mostly...
  24. Re: Frame Manipulation if don't Reverse Brood Supers

    You're moving a frame of brood to middle of third deep???? I'd like to mostly try to contain my brood to two bottom deeps.

    Do you manage so that bottom deep is mostly full of pollen and brood?
  25. Re: Frame Manipulation if don't Reverse Brood Supers

    Thanks for the reply - Think you intended "moving a center brood frame DOWN" ????

    Plan to not use queen excluders this year. Think the honey arch at the top of the second brood will generally...
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