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  1. Re: Thick mold on frames - discard or let bees clean

    I am thinking of cutting the comb and foundation back - leaving only a peripheral strip like a starter strip.
  2. Thick mold on frames - discard or let bees clean

    I know the bees will clean up some mold on frames but how much is too much? At what point do you discard it and give them new foundation? I have some dead outs that have a lot of mold on the frames....
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    Re: Wood Pellets for smoker fuel?

    I've tried them but had a hard time getting them started. What is the trick? Would be nice as I have a big supply with my pellet stove.
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    Re: 8 Frame deeps for brood boxes

    You need to watch Michael Palmers presentation to last years National Honey Show. He overwinters Nucs.
  5. Re: North Bay SF Area .... are you going into your hives yet?

    Morrow Bay is quite a bit south of Novato and especially where I am in Nor. Cal.

    I would imagine I am about 1 month behind Morrow Bay.
  6. Re: North Bay SF Area .... are you going into your hives yet?

    I live a little further north so it isn't as warm during day but nights are still in the low 40's --- however, winter has been mild with a big storm scheduled for this weekend. We have had some warm...
  7. Thread: bee club

    by orthoman

    Re: bee club

    Sometimes, the group is just looking for someone to take charge. Our group use to do exactly what you are describing -- just stand around and visit. Pretty much a waste of time. Fortunately, it all...
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    Re: Sugar Water Ratios?

    I have not used a very thin ratio sugar solution but I'm sure they would take it. I would have a concern at this time of the year about having excess moisture in the hive from a real thin sugar...
  9. Thread: Foundation

    by orthoman

    Re: Foundation

    I think they were located in Northern California -- upper Sacramento Valley -- maybe Red Bluff??? Not sure when they went under or merged with some other company.

    I remember reading some of the...
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    Re: 10 Nuc Increase

    Hopefully Mr. Palmer will expand on his answer - he always gives great information.

    I don't see any big difference on managing a nuc or full size hive. Once you make the nuc - either structure it...
  11. Re: Buying established hives.. what to look for.

    The above posts are very good advice. . I think the disease question is probably my first concern and maybe much about nothing in this case.

    Also, what shape is the woodenware in - including...
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    Re: to split or not to split

    I am far from being and expert on the subject, but it only seems logical that if you continually split your hives down to smaller colonies, you will have an impact on harvestable honey production -...
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    Re: Apiary Location/Stand Question

    Both good ideas.

    I wouldn't worry about the rocks too much -- in fact, I would rather have a rocky surface than one that grows up around the hives.

    I use 2 large concrete blocks that I lay on...
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    Re: how to overwintering nuc's

    Hi beesquad -

    I am over on the northern Calif. coast and I am also trying to overwinter 6 nucs - all were made up in mid July. You have a little colder weather than I get.

    4 of the nucs are...
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    Re: Gov agencies protecting our bees

    Someone once said that the scariest words you will ever hear are ..." we are from the government and we are here to help you"
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    Re: Is this robbing?

    Hard to tell -- I can't actually see any bees fighting on the landing board. My hives look like this sometimes after a couple rainy days when the sun comes out. They tend to come out and cluster on...
  17. Re: Not feeding, why??? Low on stores, and not feeding.

    What kind of feeder? Temperature? What kind of bees? If using a jar type feeder, see if holes large enough for the bees. If temps get too low, they may not take liquid syrup.
    I am sure there are...
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    Re: Raising my own Queens.

    Check out Mel Disselkoen (not sure this is spelled right) and what he calls OTS (for On The Spot) queen rearing. he sells a book but he also has a web site and also several videos on Youtube.

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    Re: Broodless hive

    What kind of bees do you have? No brood - and I assume you mean no eggs either -- doesn't sound good to me. I live up on the north coast and have mostly Carniolan and some Italians. I still have...
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    Re: 30% overwintering that accurate?

    Very, very good questions. I have only been keeping bees for only a couple of years but I would say my biggest frustration with beekeeping is the plethora of bad information that gets passed around...
  21. box arrangement for over wintering - lower box is empty

    I have 6 hives -- all first year hives that have done pretty good. They are all basically stacked 4 to 5 medium boxes high.

    The bottom boxes are all pretty much empty comb except for some...
  22. Re: Overwinter in a doublestack Nuc or 10 Frame deep?

    Check out some of Michael Palmers videos on Nucs and overwintering. He gave a couple of excellent presentations of overwintering hives/nucs at the National Honey Show in England this past winter.
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    Virgin Queen and MAQS treatment

    I have a Carniolan hive that was queenless. I gave them a frame of eggs and they have raised a new queen but no new eggs yet. I am pretty confident she will begin laying any day as it has only been...
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    Re: Foundationless and Drone Cells

    Just curious -- why would bees, this late in the year want to raise so many drones when they should start expelling them from the hive?
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    Foundationless and Drone Cells

    I decided to try one foundationless frame to see what happens. The bees built out the frames quite nicely and then filled it almost completely with drone comb. I pulled the frame because I was...
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