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    Re: pool problem

    I was worried about this situation and found a few good ideas . . . but by far was the lemon scented pledge:
  2. Re: Beekeepers in Poland win Ban on Monsanto GMO's

    I find it ineresting that BLUEDIAMOND only responds on this forum to posts with certain keywords like GMO, MONSANTO, NEONIC etc,

    Looking through his posts, he has never posted anything much about...
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    Re: Ziploc Baggie Feeder--don't do what I did

    Quick Update: Beesource to the rescue!!!

    After the initial "holy comb in the wrong places" incident and the help of the the Beesource members I got everything straightened out. The suggestin was...
  4. Water Source for bees--what finally worked for me

    Here is a longer version with more pics: Water Source for Bees

    I am a new urban beekeeper in a neighborhood and my neighbor has a pool . . . . .

    Thus, it was pretty important to focus on a good...
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    Re: White or black pastic frames

    From my position as a very new beginner and not having an experienced eye . . . I appreciated being able to see the contrast of the white eggs/larvae against the black plastic frame. I have another...
  6. Re: Factors contributing to Swarms and Swarm Prevention

    WOW!! Great explanation, especially for a newb like myself.

    I obviously have been reading up on this issue and could not "wrap my arms around it".

    I'd like to hear what others think of your...
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    Ziploc Baggie Feeder--don't do what I did

    Armed with all the knowledge I needed to get myself and the bees in trouble after the Atlanta Beekeepers short course . . . I decided to try the ziploc baggie feeder, followed the instructions that...
  8. 2nd Hive Inspection Checklist--need some help and suggestions

    Still bumping along:

    I can't wait to get back home after spring break (even selfishly suggested we might leave a day early! . . the vote was swift and NO). So now...
  9. "ladder" to next super.? and another newbee question.

    OK. I feel like I have read enough to be dangerous to myself and the bees . . .

    I will be doing my 2nd inspection on Sunday (would +16 days after install) and will hopefully be adding supers to my...
  10. Re: Holy comb in the wrong places!! . . and I'm "balling?" on the other?

    UPDATE: 3+ days since my "Holy comb in the wrong place"

    Again . . thanks for all the input. It really makes a beginner feel a lot better.

    Better versions of the pictures:...
  11. Re: Holy comb in the wrong places!! . . and I'm "balling?" on the other?


    I also found a FEDEX box that I am pretty sure would fit nicely into the area as well.

    Do you think I should try that first instead of the eggcrate idea?

    Thanks for all the help!
  12. Re: Holy comb in the wrong places!! . . and I'm "balling?" on the other?

    Wow! What a great resource and thank you for the thoughtful responses!!

    Since I do not have another feeder available and I am leaving to go out of town, I am thinking of filling the void with...
  13. Holy comb in the wrong places!! . . and I'm "balling?" on the other?

    I am +5 days after first ever 3lb installations for two hives. . . performing first inspection . . and need your help.

    I am using zip-loc feeder with mini-riser/super (about 3 inches tall) from...
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