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  1. Re: super has sugar water and honey

    I would leave it as is.
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    Re: Bearding

    Time to take a hands on approach:D I have never seen bearding at 50 degrees, or below.., especially when you know they have empty space. Something else is going on:scratch: Only one way to find out.
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    Re: Entrance reducer question?

    Once the bees stop guarding the bottom entrance & clustering at night (about now). My mouse guards act as an entrance reducer & mouse guard all in one.
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    Re: No treatment hives

    Or constantly plagued by humans & their treatments :eek:
  5. Re: Caution to those that do bee rescues= FREE ADVICE

    And next you are going to tell us you did it for free:D. You didn't notice this when transporting/moving the comb?
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    Re: The Mighty Mite Bomb...

    I think this is an oxymoron:D
  7. Re: Finished large cut-out from under mobile home in Lakeland, FL

    Only if you watch the whole thing:D Nice work!
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    Re: The road to treatment free...

    Isn't all history:D
  9. Re: Queenless swarms with Swarm Commander

    Cant imagine them sticking around & drawing comb, if there is no queen. Maybe she was out getting mated?
  10. Re: Anyone have hives in a residential neighborhood?

    If this means you are not going to have your head in the box frequently, I would not bring them to a residential neighborhood where swarms & after swarms are left for the residents to deal with.
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    Re: queen travels up only?

    Queens move where they want to, that's why they are called Queens :D. I would think honey bond about now would be a good thing. Do you know this from inspection? I hope when you write "empty frames"...
  12. Re: Tips on getting these bees out?

    First thing, first. You need to find out where they are in the structure. Its possible that they are around the chute of the chimney, or running down the wall. Rent, borrow an infrared thermal...
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    Re: Best TF quote ever lol

    One of my favorites, "I'm treatment free..right up until the time I have to treat." :lpf: Guess this holds true for every beekeeper;) I like to think of us all as treatment free :scratch:
  14. Re: To treat or not to treat.. that's the question

    And the beeks said, Amen. Enough said :D
  15. Re: First removal, lot of questions

    All bee colonies have mites, so introducing any bees to your yard, one is introducing new mites;). And if you treat all other colonies for mites anyway, I don't think it will really matter.
  16. Re: First removal, lot of questions

    Is not to late for frames, & I would highly recommend it. Keep two eyes out for the queen, one doesn't want to squash her in a rubber band, or at all. Queen catcher would be nice to have on hand...
  17. Re: First removal, lot of questions

    Is the bottom board screened?, this may attribute to the confusion..Most likely would not have survived in the open through Winter, depends on your climate. I wouldn't collect & shake, they will...
  18. Re: First cutout - what to do with bucket full of bees??

    In my experience, I don't like to vacuum until most or all of the comb has been removed. Some of my reasons,, overheating, less motion sickness and deaths (from repeatedly turning vacuum on/off,...
  19. Re: First cutout - what to do with bucket full of bees??

    Note post #8 :D, also if something is not done to the house, it most likely will have another colony by the Spring.
    Out of curiosity did you try to vacuum all of the bees before removing the comb?
  20. Re: White foam ring at top of honey in bottle

    That the good stuff, not sure what causes it, but it is tasty. Average customer might inquiry about it, but I don't think they would find it unappealing. Notice no honey in the store ever has it?...
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    Re: Might be getting there

    Good Luck, its being done, so you too can Getter Done;)
  22. Re: First cutout - what to do with bucket full of bees??

    Did I write worms?;), I so meant to type bees;)
    cjfoster, don't count the bees as "free" until they make their first winter. With your free education will come the realization of how much work and...
  23. Re: First cutout - what to do with bucket full of bees??

    My perspective is there are a lot of risk involved for the beek, and liability insurance is a must. Someone still can sue you, even though you did it for FREE, if they feel you damaged their...
  24. Re: First cutout - what to do with bucket full of bees??

    If I had just one dollar for every time a homeowner told me that:), You will learn quickly, that the amount of work (pre, during, & post) and time that is involved in a cutout, anything is reasonable...
  25. Re: First cutout - what to do with bucket full of bees??

    Yes, I would hive (dump) all of the bees at the site of the cutout, and then maybe one final vacuum once the hive is sealed for transportation (these last few stragglers, on the box/in the cavity)...
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