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  1. Re: Can you combine a laying worker with a queen right hive?

    I've tried it three times and it only worked once....the last time. The first two times I double screened the laying worker hive over a strong hive and then tried a newspaper combine and both of...
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    Re: Bee Install Error

    They might just be interested in the box. Shake them out, take the box out of there and check in with them later. If the queen is out, I'd give them a couple of weeks before checking but it's not the...
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    Re: New-ish install, feeding question

    I'm a conservative feeder especially when they are building comb. I had a friend who started beekeeping a few years ago. He hived two packages and was adamant about keeping them well fed. VERY well...
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    Re: A newbee's rush

    Well. I wouldn't worry too much about the smoke but I'd check on the queens sooner than later. If it were me, I'd make sure the queens were released and then sit back and wait for a bit. Let the...
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    Re: When to add a second brood box?

    I've had many a nuc that built up quick. But, my advice would be to not consider whether it's a nuc or a package or even what kind of bees you have. If they need space, give it to them. In your area,...
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    Re: Do you plant flowers to avoid a dearth?

    Boy, that would be a lot of flowers to plant. I think that a lot of people underestimate the amount of available food and nectar sources around their colonies. When I look at a Google map and radius...
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    Re: Queen Question

    I have had marked queens where the marking was partly or mostly removed for whatever reason. I've also had marked queens that have been released but were killed by another queen in the package. If it...
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    Re: Do you cull drone brood?

    I wouldn't cull drone brood just to remove the drones. If you were doing it to help reduce mite load it "might" help just a little. I figure that the bees built that comb for a reason and the queen...
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    Re: What do you think about this.....

    I'll just chime in to what's already been said. If the syrup is cool, they won't take much if any at all. If there's real nectar out there, they often leave the syrup untouched. If I had a flow, I...
  10. Re: Is it difficult to requeen a new package?

    IF your hive has a queen, then the colony believes themselves to be queenright. Even though she isn't doing her job, they still know they have a queen. Introducing a new queen is a death sentence for...
  11. Re: Is it difficult to requeen a new package?

    If you have no brood (no nothing), they can't make their own. If you're certain that you have no queen...and it certainly sounds like you've tried and tried, I'd be putting a new one in...
  12. Re: The billion little things that make a beekeeper's life easier

    I try to correlate what my entrance activity is compared to what I see inside. But, some entrance things to look for are:

    - Few bees, at least compared to other hives close by (assuming you have...
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    Re: Moved bee colony

    Glad it worked out. Every colony is different but that's what generally works for me.
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    Re: Borrowing or Moving Brood

    I'd take a frame of brood from your other hive and LEAVE the bees on. Put it in your broodless hive. Introduce a new, store bought, caged queen and take it from there.

    New brood means new bees....
  15. Re: When to add a second medium hive body to a new package?

    My experience says to not think for the bees. If they need space, give it to them but bow to the queen when it comes to laying a rearing. They make comb based on need. Brood space, honey space. They...
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    Re: beginner mistake on storing honey

    Haha. I know about "soon".

    I think you'll be fine. When I harvest honey that was capped a season before it often crystallizes quick but with a little heat, it's good to go!
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    Re: Should I ? Or ?

    Throw the deep on. Later, if you want to keep it, you can rotate it down for a brood box. I did that for a while, wintering with a deep and one or two mediums up top depending on weight.
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    Re: Moved bee colony

    Move them back to the new location. You might find that they do it again. Eventually they sort it out. When I do that, it turn the hive a different direction when I put them in a new location. Best...
  19. Re: When to add a second medium hive body to a new package?

    I think it's all based on the brood. Everything is a variable. Check them. If they're 3/4 full of pulled wax and brood / stores, drop a box on top. If not, wait. I think that it's real important to...
  20. Re: The billion little things that make a beekeeper's life easier

    I would add that you should pay attention to what's going on at the entrance of each hive. Correlating what you see there with what you find inside gives incredible insight into your colony just by...
  21. Re: The billion little things that make a beekeeper's life easier

    Tell them any important life event. I do. Sounds crazy but something about it satisfies my soul.
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    Re: frame grip recommendations

    I've used the McCord type and I liked it with wood frames. I dropped a lot of plastic frames when I used to use plastic. I don't use a grip any longer but I did for a while. Took a little getting...
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    Re: Mold in syrup

    haha. Autocorrect. I need to get a real tablet. Meant to say "I try to get BACK to the colonies sooner than later to TOP off" I'm cracking up here.....
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    Re: gardner snakes

    This is funny but I have to admit, I did notice.

    I'm now accepting all criticisms for the way I am!!!!
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    Re: Hive location question

    I go with 2. I'm a hunter too!!!!
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