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  1. Website space for advertising your beeswax $25 for 4 months

    Advertise your beeswax from now till the end of the year (4 months) for $25 on my website
    Contact info:
    Debra Bruihler
    Rushford, MN
    prefer email
  2. Has anyone heard of a special beeswax (sera de campeche) for "popotillo art"?

    I've had someone ask me if I have a special beeswax for doing popotillo art. possibly a mixture of beeswax and propolis??
    Below is what is on Wikipedia. I have never heard of it....anyone out...
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    Re: Shipping Glass jars

    When I have shipped honey I usually put 2 plastic bags (1 inside the other) in the box; do all the padding, etc and then seal up the plastic --that way if by chance there is breakage a little less...
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    Hello from Minnesota

    My husband had bees for 40 years until he retired from beekeeping. I have been selling beeswax online for 10+ years and am thinking about gearing my site more as a listing of individual beekeepers...
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