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    Re: My full size warre style observation hive

    I notice that Home Depot has 8x10 glass or Lexan. Lexan is tough. If you used 2x2 corners, slipping a 10" piece into a groove and siliconing it in place might offer an idea how to do this, cheaper....
  2. Re: Glenn VSH of the VSH vs MH thread

    Originally Posted by mike bispham View Post
    "This standard husbandry for all cases; but in the case of bees and VSH it is still more critical. This is because the VSH genes are recessive. What that...
  3. Re: what kind of beehive is this...??? Omlet Beehaus

    What does one say... Modern? Plastic? <g> Interesting... There is at least some study done before one commits money to the plastic molds, and initial small production runs, which are *not*...
  4. Different TBH

    Not a varient, but a vTBH... verticle TBH

    Stacks like a Lang, TB. Small footprint.
    DeMetricizing it, call it 12x12 Interior, by ~8.5" tall...
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