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  1. Re: Beekeepers needed for 2015 Spring/Summer/Fall season

    looking to add two more for the fall pepper flow and splits in the Fort Pierce, Okechobee, Florida area. If you are local, and even if you are not and want to work from about September 15-October 1...
  2. Re: Negative Dealings with Bjorkman Brothers in California Almond Pollination-2015

    No this was spelled out in a written agreement. Would never engage a contract without one.
  3. Negative Dealings with Bjorkman Brothers in California Almond Pollination-2015

    Was contacted my Sven Bjorkman who wanted my bees. Agreed to send him a load. He picked them up and put them in an orchard in Modesto, California. Agreement was 50% upon inspection, and balance 10...
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    Re: What is pollination on shares?

    If you're going to do it this way, be sure to indicate a minimum amount of honey that will be "shared". If for some reason the minimum is not met, then there should be a financial payment to you....
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    Sticky: Re: Pollination prices

    Had a grower who called me today wanting 180 colonies at 50.00 per on melons. Guess what I told him?
  6. Re: Beekeepers needed for 2015 Spring/Summer/Fall season

    David, when I hire someone who is driving large vehicles and operating heavy equipment, I want to be sure that he/she is not "flying". I also feel I owe it to the others on the team to be sure that...
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    Re: Unloading Bees in Maine (Blueberries)

    Aaron, for you, almost anything. We might be able to work a deal where we trade for more of your Nucs, at least in part.
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    Re: Unloading Bees in Maine (Blueberries)

    unloading and setting them out. In the barrens it might be a little more. Will cover from Cherryfield to the Barrens area predominately.
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    Unloading Bees in Maine (Blueberries)

    We will be in Maine for blueberries this year and if you need bees unloaded we will be doing so for $1800.00 per semi, plus reasonable mileage charge payable by credit card as we unload. We will also...
  10. Beekeepers needed for 2015 Spring/Summer/Fall season

    we are looking for two additional beekeepers to travel with us over the next several months to assist with pulling honey, placing hives on pollination, medicating, splitting, rearing queens, and...
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    6 Way Pallets for Sale

    I have about 50 6 way pallets for sale in great condition. I am selling them as I don't like them. 25.00 a piece pickup in Ruskin, Florida or Stafford, Virginia. Please contact me at 703-595-1179...
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    Re: Getting bees ready to head to cali

    Our grower advanced our bee here date to Feb 1. We have our RIFA cert on Jan 28 while we are loading.
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    Re: Almond Pollination 2014.2 AKA 2015.1

    I was called last night to have my bees in the orchards by Feb 1.
  14. Re: I need help designing a pump system for filling inside feeders

    Beesohappy, my guys feed 400 colonies in less than 4 hours.
  15. Re: I need help designing a pump system for filling inside feeders

    My first pump I used a similar system and it failed miserably, 400 miles from home while trying to feed colonies. I use a 3" trash pump with pvc reductions to a 1" hose. I use a pool hose to go from...
  16. Beekeeping Class March 28, 2015-Virginia All Day

    Rock Hill will have an all day Basic Class with breakfast and lunch included from 9 am to 5 pm. A bee suit is needed as we will spend some time in the bee yards.

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    Running two queen colonies

    I am going to run some two queen colonies this year as an experiment, probably about 50. I was wondering if anyone here had any experience in a commercial operation doing this. Is it really just a...
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    Re: Over wintering hives

    Keith, everyone, thanks for the heads up. My bees will get a treatment as soon as we get back from Cali. Finished treating in November.
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    Re: Florida beeks chime in.

    We overwinter our bees in Ruskin, Florida and harvested a good bit of pepper honey this year. We are feeding and have been for the last month.
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    Re: What is the problem? AFB?

    My first thought was EFB.
  21. Use of Co-ral in Commercial Operations for SHB control

    Whenever I meet another commercial, I always ask questions related to their IPM strategy. While in GA recently, a Commercial informed me they use Co-ral when the SHB are bad. They place it around the...
  22. Re: People actually make a living with honey production??

    I am in several farmers markets and about half a dozen stores in the DC area. We sell our honey at $10.00 a pound and we will still sell about 200-300 pounds per week retail from March until the end...
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    Sticky: Re: Pollination prices

    Just locked my "one load empire" at 185.00 two days ago. Modesto area.
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    Re: how to overwintering nuc's

    One thing also. You have a major storm headed your way in the next few days, so I would move at the speed of light to take care of them. Use candy boards which you can make pretty quickly, pair them...
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    Re: Pollen Sub Feeding

    I have become a "nutrition convert". I feed 4-5 pounds of pollen sub at least four times a year. Dying to try Keith Jarrett's sub, bur for the meantime I make my own. One thing I do is put lots and...
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