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  1. Poll: Re: vote for 9 frame brood box vs 10 frame brood box, nothing to do with supers!

    I run 9 in a 10 frame, but I have follower boards on the outside that are half a frame thick each, so technically its 10 frames, but there are only 9 for building comb.
  2. Thread: No Brood

    by sprhoney

    No Brood

    We have a hive that swarmed in March (we are in NEFL). The hive has been doing well since, lots of bees, building comb, making honey - but the new queen isn't making much brood. Should we requeen...
  3. Replies

    building foundationless honey supers

    I have a nuc I installed that I am converting to foundationless. I am about half way through the process in the brood box here in NE Florida. I am wondering what to do when I have to add the honey...
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