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  1. Re: Tips on keeping a honey extractor from "walking" during spinning

    mine has four and it works stellar.
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    Re: When to add a super

    80% of the super filled with honey and capped. New white was on top of frames. Then add another super.
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    Re: When to add a super

    I would wait until they have approximately 80% of them filled and you can see lots of white wax on the frames. If you add it too soon they may never fill the outside frames.
  4. Re: Tips on keeping a honey extractor from "walking" during spinning

    The thread that Beemandan mentioned is spot on. I put caster wheels on mine three years ago. I used to work harder than a one legged man in a butt kicking contest to keep that thing from walking all...
  5. Re: Cluster under bottom board after install- pic included

    +1 on what Schmism said. I have overwintered hives in below zero weather with SBB and they have done well. Leave the bees on the bottom alone and they will find their way into the hive. Good luck...
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    Re: Drone Laying Combine

    Do not combine it with a good hive unless you want to ruin the good hive. Take the laying drone hive and knock the bees out about 100 yards away. Some will make it back to your good hive but the bad...
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    Re: New package advice

    Go have fun for two weeks. It will be the best thing that could happen to your bees right now. I remember when I first started. The hardest thing to do was to stay out of the hives. But when I did...
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    Re: Keeping installed packages closed up?

    I also agree with Slow Drone and RyanD. Light could definitely be a factor. Those packages have probably been locked up for 5-6 days in transport and then a couple by you. They need to get out and do...
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    Re: Left behind bees?

    How big are your swarms? If they are good sized 3-5 lbs of bees I would not bother with the ones left behind. Like Vance mentioned if 400 bees are worth worrying about. How long are you leaving the...
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    Re: Did the two deep split today

    I think I would go back in at about 4 days and look for the original queen or look for eggs. Unless you are not putting in a queen. If you are letting them raise their own then I wouldn't bother it...
  11. Re: It's my birthday and my hives are alive!

    Well Happy Birthday to you. Great news on your bees. Keep a close eye on them from now until the first blooms. Its now when they starve.
  12. Re: 207 Hives stolen, Sacramento area, near 99

    The bees are getting moved into the orchards at night from the staging yards. A lot of activity going on early evening. Probably not a lot of locals watching because it's so common this time of year...
  13. Re: 207 Hives stolen, Sacramento area, near 99

    These were taken on the 6th or 7th according to the original poster. I was coming back from California on the 6th from checking on my hives in the almonds and passed 15 semi loads of bees headed...
  14. Re: Africanized Honey Bees becoming more gentle

    I never caught that the first time watching. After you mentioned it I went back and watched again. Pretty dang cool. If you missed it then it is worth going back and watching again.
  15. Thread: Gunfire

    by Luv2beekeep

    Re: Gunfire

    "Full auto, Tannerite explosions, and so on."

    That Tannerite is some fun stuff isn't it? I shoot within 100 feet of my hives all the time. .50 BMG, .338 Lapua, 300 WSM, handguns,...
  16. Re: Trucking bees for do they do it??

    We have been loading trucks out of the cellars for the almonds. We have been putting 408 double deep hives on each truck. We could get more but the weight is really good coming out of the cellar this...
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    Re: ordering new bees

    I have had Carni's and Italian's. I like the Carni's because they seem to winter better here in Idaho. They do seem to have a little smaller cluster going into winter but I have seen them build very...
  18. Re: How cold before you need to close up bottom of hive?

    "second try on this reply......I wish everyone saying to leave the board off would also indicate the snowfall that covers the bottom of the hive thereby insulating it. no snowfall and a cold...
  19. Re: When do you add pollen supplements to promote brood rearing in winter/spring

    I'm not putting on any pollen here in Idaho yet. We still have 4 inches of snow and our first dandelions don't bloom until the middle of March. Most of my bees will be leaving the cellar in about 2...
  20. Re: How cold before you need to close up bottom of hive?

    I think you would be alright either way. I have both screened and solid bottom boards and here in Idaho we have had temps in the low teens to 15 below a few weeks ago. Finally warmed up to the upper...
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    Re: What Leaves to put in a Smoker?

    I use tightly wrapped burlap topped with some dried soumac buds. I got this idea of the soumac from the Fat Beeman. He said that the soumac would calm the bees. Believe it or not it actually seems to...
  22. Re: Its going to be a good year or its going to be a bad year!

    Every year is a good year to me. When I am still upright and able to take on nourishment then it is a good year. Having my bees survive is just an added bonus. Here in Idaho it has been below 0...
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    Re: Happy Thanksgiving!

    Woke up to 10" snow here in Rupert, Idaho. Going to be a great day. Happy Thanksgiving to all of you everywhere. Hope you receive all the desires of your hearts.
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    Re: Im like an expectant father

    I go in and check mine 4 days after I install them just to see if the Queen has been released. If she is released then I take the cage out and close up the hive for another week and then go start...
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    Re: First sting ever

    Isn't it amazing how something as small as a stinger from a bee can hurt so doggone bad. I had shots from Doctors and nurses, in the arms, in the butt but none of them hurt as bad as that doggone bee...
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