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    Re: Apitherapy on ankle

    [QUOTE=Barry;1157486]Brief history. I tore my peroneus longus tendon three years ago. Had surgery to repair it. 18 months later it was still hurting with limited mobility. Had surgery on it again to...
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    Re: Counterfeit money

    I have a feeling my grandchildren will be telling their children how they can remember the days when people still used cash.
  3. Re: Nice video of a commercial extracting operation

    Given that this thread is about a commercial extracting system, and speaking just for me, I would think efficiency would be a key element. We typically have 2 people working in our extracting room...
  4. Re: Nice video of a commercial extracting operation

    We have a 20 frame Dadant radial extractor sitting alongside our Cowen for the occasional frame that won't go through the automated system. We do, however, run pretty much any frame that can make...
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    Re: Mann Lake rep here on BSource?

    This is a pretty important topic in that I know of many instances where thermostats have failed and resulted in fires, some catastrophic. The idea of multiple thermostats is a good one. Given the...
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    Re: Queen right hive and laying workers.

    There are always some lurking but they rarely cause a problem. Ours are 10 frame deeps with 4 to 5 combs of bees. Perhaps your climate is a bit worse than ours in east Texas.
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    Re: Queen right hive and laying workers.

    Interesting, I missed that one. It's also a bit surprising. We do "rebuilds" on our nucs that didn't get a "first catch" 3 weeks after cell installation. We don't often shake out any bees but...
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    Re: mold in the extractor

    In addition to a thoroughly cleaning when done for the season it is just as important to lubricate any bearings and bushings that got wet in the wash down with a food grade lubricant.
  9. Re: Feeding syrup: Is it possible to feed too much?

    James Tew no less. That would be about the maximum gross weight of 2 full boxes of honey. Maybe he is including the weight of a concrete block on top as well. :). I used to shoot for 130 pounds...
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    Re: Hopguard II and Hive Kills

    I put Hopguard 2 in several hives over a week ago. They are all strong 3 story hives with 12" wide x 1/2" high lower entrances. So far no ill effects and surprisingly no excessive bearding when...
  11. Re: Nice video of a commercial extracting operation

    Yes, it's like they are 90% of the way to a really efficient system. Seeing an unattended extractor not spinning while the cutter is running is a pet peeve of mine. Far better to have a smaller...
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    Re: How did you get into beekeeping?

    Ditto......without the German ancestry. Many of my earliest memories were in a honey house, a bee yard or a bee truck. The excitement of riding to Texas with my parents in the big red Ford on a...
  13. Re: Nice video of a commercial extracting operation

    Yes, it works on the same basic principle as the US systems. The load and unloading of the extractor isnt as quick and efficient though especially with no loading chains. A normal load/unload with...
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    Re: running single brood chambers for winter

    Nice informative post but those last couple of lines say it best
  15. Re: Robbing! What is the best time of day to feed and not set off robbing?

    This brings to mind one of the odder beekeeping experiences I have ever seen. We got a late load of bees back from the almonds that was extremely light. They were on 4 way pallets with inside...
  16. Re: European Bee health reportedly better than claimed

    That's true to an extent Dean but let's not forget that if you wish to do almond pollination they must meet size requirements. That's the great "lay your cards on the table" moment. Some may bring...
  17. Re: Gear for melting out honey directly from frames

    Yes, it's a pretty low grade product and if too much water has been incorporated in it from the cooling jet on the spinner it has even less value. Just don't ever try blending it back in with your...
  18. Re: European Bee health reportedly better than claimed

    Yes, it gets frustrating trying to explain the math to people. We have seen a prominent poster in another thread get livid about the notion that nobody believes his methods of beekeeping are...
  19. Re: Gear for melting out honey directly from frames

    We tried a couple different melter setups designed to work at production speed in the extracting room. Both of which claimed to not darken the honey, each was pretty much a major pain to operate and...
  20. Re: Manufacturing Whipped Honey Equipment Ideas

    This is interesting. I used to "cream" a lot of honey but now only do around 1,000 lbs. a year. I have heard (don't remember where) that it should be whipped in such a manner so it dosen't get air...
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    Re: How many Hives???

    Yes it does seem odd but I have seen it time after time. Ian is quite right, alfalfa will root down as deep as 15'. Heres another oddity. Alfalfa honey produced at higher elevations is generally...
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    Re: What to do with a squater?

    Let the landowner handle it
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    Re: Our understanding of genetics is changing

    Agreed! There are some subjects here that I prefer to just read and try to learn about while staying away from commenting. Genetics is one. I am pretty sure I can discern the difference between...
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    Re: Does mowing field massacre bees?

    It's part of the beekeeping experience. Today's mown field may well be tomorrow short bloom and late flow. Keep all things in perspective.
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    Re: An Ignorant Bee Keeper in Siouxland Iowa

    Grew up in the Siouxland area myself. Best of luck with the bees. There's no trick to it, just open up the bee hive dig in and do it. :D
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