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  1. Looking to Lease One or Two Semi Loads for Sage Honey in So Cal

    Hi I am looking to lease one or two semi loads of bees to place in our Sage honey locations in So Cal. We have locations in Corona, Moorpark, Santa Paula, Fillmore, Piru, and Malibu.

    If you have...
  2. Looking for Beekeeper help in Ventura County, CA

    We are looking for a hard working person to work in our beekeeping operation in Ventura County, CA. Basic English required, but Spanish speakers do not need to be fluent in English. Experience...
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    Rabbit Brush Location?

    I am looking to find a location in California with Rabbit Brush for about 650 - 800 colonies this September / October during bloom. Does anybody have a location, or a recommendation of how to secure...
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    Re: California

    We are a 200 acre avocado ranch and apiary in Ventura County.

    We offer pollination services for Almonds and Avocados and are looking to set up for 2011.

    We will have approximately 800 - 1,200...
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