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    Re: More"advanced beginner" Questions

    when I've done splits I've moved one half (either the queenright, or doesn't matter much) some distance that varies from 1' to 100.' I've never used an outyard for doing this and have...
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    Re: Foundationless frame question....

    in year one, I used plasticell foundation for my frames and it worked okay, but I switched over to nearly foundationless. I make my own frames and I used a 1-3" strip of cut down plasticell as a...
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    Re: Package Bee Installation Question

    something to can take quite a bit of shaking to get the bees out of those darn packages. It is often easier to remove staples, or cut the screen on one side and then just give it one...
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    Re: What is your favorite hive configuration?

    Though I do have one "long lang" hive, a skep, and will be starting a TBH this year, all the rest of my hives are 10-frame deeps. I'm a 32 year old engineer and firefighter in pretty decent shape. ...
  5. Thread: Bears

    by KPeacock

    Re: Bears

    Well doesn't that just suck! I lost half my hives last year to a bear...I didn't even know we had bears. I up and moved all my hives as well for the season. Now I have them back and they are...
  6. Thread: Moving Hives

    by KPeacock

    Re: Moving Hives

    I've had very little problems in moving hives. Even in flying weather, when moving a hive 20 or 30 the foragers come back to the old site, and they do congregate in that area during the day, but as...
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    Re: Bee Brush Alternatives?

    I keep a couple of feathers from a turkey wing in my bee tool box. I find them to work much better as you can kinda catapult the bees off the comb instead of rolling them over with the brush. the...
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    Re: Need advice on extractor

    FWIW, I have a 2-frame extractor that I bought used and I haven't even put frames into it. After cleaning it up and getting it ready for service, I thought, "I need something bigger" and constructed...
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    Re: What could have happened to my bees?

    I'm not an expert. I've only had bees for two years, so take this with a grain of salt. Your bees either died, or they left. reasons for leaving in the winter could include mites, moths,...
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    Re: choosing frames

    I use plasticell for my starter strip. I just trim it down to about 1" strips with table saw or band saw and then nail it in place. I haven't had any cross combing yet, but my hives are close-ish...
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    Re: hive location question????

    Some hives are quite docile and don't care about the mower, other hives are a little more "feisty" when it comes to that kind of thing. I've found that most of the time, the bees don't care about my...
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    Re: Marking queen question

    I mark mine using paint pens purchased at Michael's crafts. works well on bees and many other projects I have going out in the shop. I can't imagine marking her while she is still in the queen...
  13. Re: Do you let bees draw out the frames or do you use wax foundation?

    Many people use either plastic or wax foundation. I did at first, but soon found that the bees did a pretty good job of drawing out frames with NO foundation. As I am still a hobby beekeeper, I can...
  14. Re: new OAV device seems easier to work with & easy to make-no pics yet

    After plasma cutting near JB weld once, I learned rather quickly that it smells TERRRIBLE when exposed to high temperatures. I'm not sure what "high" means exactly, but I don't wish to tempt fate so...
  15. Re: new OAV device seems easier to work with & easy to make-no pics yet

    The redneck flaring of the extension tube certainly wasn;t going to be airtight, so I used some Furnace cement. its rated for 2,000deg so I figured it'd be just fine for this application . It can...
  16. Re: new OAV device seems easier to work with & easy to make-no pics yet

    that might work by bleeding off some of the hot air. I fogged one hive with this and it didn't LOOK like a lot was happening, but there was a thick cloud of vapor wafting around the poorly sealed...
  17. Re: new OAV device seems easier to work with & easy to make-no pics yet

    my extension for the heat gun is nothing more than a tomato paste can that I ran through the fire to burn out and plastics or whatever they line those things with. I tack welded in to the smoker...
  18. new OAV device seems easier to work with & easy to make-no pics yet

    I tried out a homemade OAV device powered by the standard 12V battery and was not too impressed. while the device worked perfectly well, I required me to remove entrance reducers to get it into the...
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    Re: Raccoons vs. Bees

    I've got lots of coons, but no coon problems with bees. Skinks in the area as well, but never a problem with elevated stands. Black bears though...I've had all the problems with those that I ever...
  20. Re: Source for better packages later in the season?

    I got a couple of packages of Oliverez bees this year and was quite happy with them. even after an early season bear attack, they recovered and look to be doing well going into winter. That's...
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    Re: Foundationless Comb Management

    I have about 90% foundationless frames and came through last winter just fine. I lost one hive to moisture from a poorly fitting migratory cover and another that was a very small hive going into the...
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    Re: Lifting and moving hives.

    I use one ratchet strap around the hive boxes to keep them together. I jam whatever shop rags I happen to have nearby and staple them on front of the entrances to seal the bees in. Then I lift the...
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    Re: vmVaporizer questions

    well, it was nice to see a video of it in action. I'm going to fiddle with the idea of making a different style over the winter. I have the standard battery driven dual glow plug style and it...
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    Re: vmVaporizer questions

    I checked out the website, and like you I have a number of questions. I'd like to see some more pictures and a demo video or something. a guy in a suit holding a metal tube doesn't do much to sway...
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    Re: Wind break a must?

    I know that I don't mind cold weather. but I do mind cold and windy. I can only assume the same physics/thermodynamics affect the hives.
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