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    Re: Late season boo-boo. Need advice

    I'm in Michigan, so take my advice w/ a grain of salt. If you leave them on, and they run out of stores, there's no way to get sugar to them without pulling that box anyway, so I would pull them now.
  2. Thread: yellow jackets

    by rwlaw

    Re: yellow jackets

    Spring time is the time to set them out, get the queens. I didn't do that this year and paid the price. Lost one hive so far.
    FBM's is a good way. I take a two liter bottle and heat a nail, make...
  3. Re: Anyone have a propolis lip balm recipe to share

    I have a patch of mini worts on both hands, mixed some propolis and honey and applied it and kept rubbing it in till it disappeared, all but the "breeders" (which I've had all my life) went away, and...
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    Re: Are they foraging?

    First flight day for about a week, I was putting a feeder ring on a hive and bee lands on the inner cover. She's got pollen in her baskets, must've found something that still had blossoms on it. Gave...
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    Re: "Sustainability" in the small apiary

    Try not to think about what stock your queens will mating with, concentrate on the results.
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    Re: Wind break a must?

    For quite a few years I used a heavy duty snow fence w/ rebar posts and didn't wrap. Anything will do to keep the boxes from taking a direct hit, especially the NW winds, they're the nastiest!
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    Re: A better beetle to get a patent

    Well, you can forward me the plans so I can make a gazillion bux, but I don't think that would be a good idea. I would Google filing procedure for Beekeeping patents, you should come with something.....
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    Re: To wrap or not to wrap?

    I use fanfold sheeting (R1) wrap on 3 sides (fronts open). Made up a outer cover for the outer cover out of 2" foam board. Reduce the entrance to 3/8".
    Last year I dado'ed a 1/8" gap in one end of...
  9. Thread: Smoker Plug

    by rwlaw

    Re: Smoker Plug

    I use a wad of grass, Bourbon corks are too hard to come by.
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    Re: They don't even try to hide it.

    They had a thread a while back, where the Chinese were using poeple w/ feathers to pollinate fruit trees.
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    Re: Why do you use leather Gloves

    I lose all semblance of dexterity with gloves, only wear them if I have to, and they're goatskin. Besides, scrubbing propolis out of my fingernails gives me something to do LOL
  12. Re: No larvae. I saw the queen a week ago. I'm in denial.

    If they're letting you go thru that hive frame by frame this time of year, I'll put down five that the Q is hiding somewhere.
    I had one hive that was driving me nuts this year, turned out she would...
  13. Re: Commercial mousetraps under/around hives for winter

    I use ones for my accounts, made by Victor, tin cats. They work, but you have to run them like a trap line, it only takes a couple days for the mice to die, then you've got a mess.
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    Re: The End of F.W.JONES beekeeping supplies...

    With that amount in question I'd be spitting rocks too.
  15. Re: Need to feed a little nuc. How best to do without inducing even more robbing?

    Mason jar with an empty box comes to mind. I would say that your minimum is what you got, four frames.
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    Re: Cleaning Leather Gloves

    Freezer, the colder the better. The heavy stuff just flakes off. The rest I can live with.
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    Re: propolis solvent?

    Try putting one in the freezer, that's how I get the stuff off my gloves.
  18. Re: any way to keep bees from over propolising every thing.

    Some strains propolize more than others, I tried a carni queen once and you could do a backstroke in the frame rests.
  19. Re: Have skunks- can't use imidacloprid a neonicotinoid

    The way it was explained to me is, spring & fall the skunks have territory disputes when it's mating time (spring), and foods getting scarce (fall), and it's time to put on winter fat. If you want to...
  20. Re: Michigan Loses Right to Farm Farewell to Backyard Chickens and Beekeepers

    Ya, there is both sides of the coin. The local news here in Grand Rapids interviewed a couple, you could call their home inner city. From what I saw in the clip, no you can't have a flock of chickens...
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    Re: Starting to think beekeepers are cheap. lol

    Ya, they might pay for themselves if the hobby or profession didn't include an average of 30% hive losses per year. And let's not forget last winter either.
  22. Re: Phrases I just wouldn't have expected to say till I started beekeeping

    The queen's offspring are half sisters.
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    Re: Are carpenter ants a nuisance or big trouble?

    Actually field ants and carpenter ants look alike and it takes a bug dude and a magnifying glass (found one that would work for beer LOL) to tell em apart. I'm in field ant central and if they get...
  24. Re: Can someone please tell me what kind of bees these are?

    I had em so bad one year, they were actually dissecting the bees on the landing board, clip the abdomen off and away they'd go. They'd pick em off in the air too. Found the parent nest and a smaller...
  25. Thread: virgin or mated?

    by rwlaw

    Re: virgin or mated?

    I just had a queen that went 32 days, went to double ck and see if indeed it was queenless, there was eggs and larvae.
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