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    Re: Mann Lake rep here on BSource?

    Russ, I would be happy to look at it and see if a Maxant one would fit. And anytime you need equipment I would be happy to see if I can earn your business in some way. I know you are busy and the...
  2. Re: Manufacturing Whipped Honey Equipment Ideas

    Why dont you give maxant a call? I know they have a very large (at least a 1000# of honey it would hold) bottling tank made with mixer built and ready to go. I know its smaller than what your looking...
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    Dryguard vs. Advantech

    Hi everyone, I have seen many posts about how good Advantech is, it holds up in the weather good. I have heard others say the glue in the Advantech is not harmful to bees. I am wondering if any one...
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    Re: Maxant 3100 Extractor

    They all walked just like every said. I lag bolted mine to a pallet that has a plywood top. Put the bolts right into the 2x4 runners, this allows the bucket to stay with the extractor. The other...
  5. Thread: Painting

    by HungryBear

    Re: Painting

    I basically do what was said early, put them in a stack and spray, start with corners, then the flats & repeat both 1 more time.

    I use the $20 spray from TSC. When I am done, I raise it out and...
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    Re: commercial beekeeping

    Can you explain the state fees? I just changed my registration from commercial to ag. It will save me $54 every 2 years. Down side is now every November I have to do the registration instead of every...
  7. Re: new york AIAC Mtng notes for the meeting on 6/19/2014

    Let me know how I can help.
  8. Re: new york AIAC Mtng notes for the meeting on 6/19/2014

    I know its not your info to spread, I was not trying to imply that, sorry if I did. Yes time and place.
  9. Re: new york AIAC Mtng notes for the meeting on 6/19/2014

    I think getting the club's involved such as the Presidents would be good. It also would be a good idea to make a short presentation on ESHPA as a recruiting and educational tool to present to at club...
  10. Re: new york AIAC Mtng notes for the meeting on 6/19/2014

    Mark, I would have come, but I didn't know about the meeting details. :s

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    Re: Hive Box Manufacture

    Well hows is this machine?
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    Re: going from hobby to schedule C??

    I treat my bee business like a normal schedule C business, but file it as a schedule F. In Quickbooks, I have accounts that are not on a schedule F, such as advertising, or office supplies. I assign...
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    Re: 5th Wheel and Mast

    One thought with this, and let me say first I like the idea, is you will need a good size bobcat to handle it. It weights 1100# on its own. Alot of beekeeper bobcats I have seen do total, less than...
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