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  1. Re: Age old question of Italians or Carny's, cold weather climate

    If you can assure that it has lots of honey going into the winter, say 80 lbs. or more, Italians will do just fine. If that is questionable, follow 'canoemaker's' advice. Regardless, sooner or...
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    Re: D Coates Nuc ventilation

    Why does anyone want to make standard nuc boxes from wood, when the plastic ones are so versatile, sturdy, and inexpensive? Mann Lake has a good one. I have lots of experience with the Jester unit...
  3. Re: Wholesaling 3 pound packages in OHIO

    Just an observation...Ron is a fine, honest person to deal with and this offer is extremely fair for packages delivered to northwest Ohio! I will not personally be ordering as I am too far away, and...
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    Re: Lets talk labels

    There are at least two dealers who will work with you to produce a quality, custom designed label that will not smudge with normal conditions. These are Blue Sky Bee Supply,...
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    Re: Commercial wax spinner ??

    You are right to be cautious. I have no idea where the Equinox equipment is made, but it certainly would not surprise me to learn it is made in southern Asia. Talk to as many guys as you can, all...
  6. Re: Deciding where to purchase first bees

    My experience is also that it makes little difference, if any, where your bees and queen(s) come from. We have pretty severe winters and I have not seen any particular problems when I have used bees...
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    Re: How I winterize my nucs.

    Nice looking fence! Solor powered? How many volts do you try to maintain?

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    Re: hopkins method queen rearing

    Did you mean this:

    American Beekeeping Journal – May, 1991

    by G. W. HAYES, JR.
    Dadant and Sons, Inc., Hamilton, Illinois

    The Hopkins Method allows the beekeeper to control to a large...
  9. Re: Improved divided mating nuc.Better for feeding when nights are cold spring/fall

    I just ordered some at $2.50 a running foot. 36 inch rolls, 100 feet long. I highly recommend them for 8 mesh hardware cloth and stainless steel mesh. Do not buy 5,...
  10. Re: New member from central Arizona

    Welcome from another 'Lloyd S'!
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    Re: Exporting queens outside the USA

    Thousands and thousands of queens a year are exported from Hawaii to countries all over the world. There are no restrictions or paperwork needed from a US standpoint. That said, most countries will...
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    Re: lemon honey first time

    Lemon creamed honey. A great seller. Of the flavored honey, second only to Cinnamon. Use freeze dried lemon from Van Drunen Farm, 3.5 pounds to 200 pounds of honey. YUM! ...
  13. Re: Recent experiences with Rossman Apiaries?

    I have bought packages from them for many years. You could not find a better source!
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    Re: Wintering weights for colonies

    Nancy, I don't really know if 'too much honey' can really be a problem but it has been a standard warning. There are two points made. One is that if the box is too jammed the bees can have...
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    Re: Wintering weights for colonies


    Roger Morse did a lot of work on wintering weights in Ithaca. He was of the view that 60 lbs. of honey was about right; too much more could actually be harmful, and too much less might...
  16. Re: Overwintering Nuc Question:::

    Please keep in mind that things are different in Vancouver than in MO, and I am in Albany NY. About the same conditions as Mike P, but considerably colder than either MO or Vancouver. Moreover, I...
  17. Re: Overwintering Nuc Question:::

    A couple of thoughts that may be helpful:
    1. It is very important that newbees mostly succeed. Yet, overwintering nucs is very difficult. Please don't try it unless you are truly prepared for it...
  18. Re: Sundance side drawer pollen trap

    Do you use pallet clips? If you do, the normal side drawer Sundance traps will not fit on the clips. However, we make Sundance traps to fit on clips as a special order. Talk to your dealer.
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    Re: Comb Honey Knife

    I agree with Tom...I don't understand the emphasis on serrated blades. The comb is super easy to cut and does not want to crush (as does bread, which I associate most with serrated blades). It is...
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    Re: Comb Honey Knife

    I agree with Michael. When I used to go to more conferences there seemed to always be someone selling paring knives with blades made from old band saw blades. These are not stainless, but can be...
  21. Re: preparing hive for Sundance II pollen trap

    As to whether someone can just remove the drawer and let the pollen fall into the hive...

    Maybe...below the drawer is an 8-mesh screen. The purpose of this is to prevent the bees from entering...
  22. Re: preparing hive for Sundance II pollen trap

    Yes, the bees can really fit though that screen! Easily, in fact. I'd follow Vance's notes, except it should not be necessary to move the hives. You may want to prop open your inner cover with two...
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    Re: Bees in pollen trap

    I agree with Michael Bush. It sounds as if you might have emptied the drawer before, and bees were not there. If so, I'd be suspicious of a crack remaining when you last shut the drawer. I've done...
  24. Re: First day harvesting pollen. Is this massive bearding normal?

    Thanks for sticking with it...I didn't think you would be disappointed. And it only gets better from here. Lots more pollen collected, and lots less bearding and other confusion.

  25. Re: First day harvesting pollen. Is this massive bearding normal?

    I really don't think it appropriate to make comments to each of the posts, so I will not. But I will say that I personally use 8-10 top mount Sundance traps every summer and do not have the...
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