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  1. Re: Kelley news letter says: don't feed your bees GMO sugar!

    They are one and the same because Mike says so? No (sorry Mike). A plant does NOT need to be genetically modified to "withstand" a neonic. Neonics are sprayed on an enormous range of plants. The...
  2. Re: Kelley news letter says: don't feed your bees GMO sugar!

    Only by those who are quite misinformed.

    If you associate neonics with GMOs then you're simply conflating and confusing two completely separate topics. Neonics are a class of pesticide. They are...
  3. Re: Kelley news letter says: don't feed your bees GMO sugar!

    The dose makes the poison. To what poison are you referring? If it's glyphosate, the NOEL dosage for glyphosate is much higher than salt or caffeine, so saying a poison is very toxic without...
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    Re: Dead hive, mites?

    Oldtimer....thanks for all that. I've not been beekeeping very long, but this is a great description of what I've encountered as well. I wish there was an upvote button on here.
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    Re: Another one bites the dust

    You'll need to check with some locals, but Oct. here in PA is just too late for a treatment to be much good. We've got capped winter bees at that point, and the mites are under the caps, so the...
  6. Re: Kelley news letter says: don't feed your bees GMO sugar!

    Not sure why that source believes that this creates unstable combinations. I think (but don't know) that many are quite stable actually, which is why the farmers who chose to buy them must agree not...
  7. Re: Kelley news letter says: don't feed your bees GMO sugar!

    Always :rolleyes:
  8. Re: Kelley news letter says: don't feed your bees GMO sugar!

    I think the recent flourishing of probiotics for digestive health goes way, way back. I remember 30 years ago drinking "acidophilus" milk at my grandparents house. It's not new. The supplement...
  9. Re: Kelley news letter says: don't feed your bees GMO sugar!


    Not my creation but very cogent.
  10. Thread: Poster Child

    by libhart

    Re: Poster Child

    from the article...."Varroa mites are the least of our problems."

    Wow. Just wow.
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    Re: Lost all 3 hives

    Don't always figure on this unless you know it for certain. Overwintered nucs here are *very* hard to find and way more than a $40 premium. Nucs purchased here are very often brought up from the...
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    Re: ordering new bees

    One thing to keep in mind is that the bees you buy in a package won't be around for much more than a month or so. If you split a hive, the queenless/requeened part will have all new bees in around 9...
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    Re: Swarm control by destroying queen cells...

    The rule (if there is such a thing in beekeeping) I've always heard is that once a cell is capped, they can swarm at any time. So destroy a capped queen cell without positively seeing the queen in...
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    Re: Importing bees from Italy and Greece??

    In case you're really into research, there is apparently a process you can go through to get permits to bring in drone sperm from abroad. You'll need proper cryofreeze of course. Then you can thaw...
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    Re: Sugar Shake/Roll - Why Does It Work?

    I saw Dr. Marion Ellis speak at the ABF conference a few years ago. He did research on this topic and was fairly convinced that it is both the granules getting under the mites' feet as well as the...
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    Re: 1st year = 50 % success

    Remember too when considering nucs over packages that none of the same bees you buy in that nuc will be in your hive in a month or two. It's the genetics you're after. Generally speaking I think...
  17. Thread: Pesticide kill

    by libhart

    Re: Pesticide kill

    If you decide to keep going there, during your predicted 2016 week, walk over to the field with a camera right before you're pretty sure he's going to spray. Make sure the date/time are set properly...
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    Re: New Hive Location

    Unsure of your ability to put things in your yard as proposed w/o seems that the directionality would keep most of your yard near the mature trees completely in the shade. I'd go a...
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    Re: New Hive Location

    Can you label your drawing w/cardinal directions. It will make a difference. I have an idea will involve some labor but get you what you want. :)
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    Re: Honey bees are doomed

    I always think a point that gets left off of the "surviving feral colonies in the wild" discussion is that those bees as surviving *THERE*. That doesn't mean those same bees could survive anywhere...
  21. Re: Ethical obligation of someone teaching an intro class?

    What a fun thread to read.

    I would not place this poor success solely on beginners either. A few weeks ago some acquaintances and I were talking about the demand for packages each year. I tried...
  22. Thread: absconded bees

    by libhart

    Re: absconded bees

    I agree. 5-7 I think really shows something. I'd still view that with caution. I think most agree that beekeeping is local, but I believe it to be obnoxiously local. I applaud and covet those...
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    Re: Mistake #1 for 2016??

    Don't worry. All is solvable. I know you wanted one last peak but before going in this time of year think of a couple things. First, you're breaking a propolis seal that may not be able to reseal....
  24. Re: USDA Researcher punished for his work showing negative impacts of pesticides on b

    I'm usually more of a stalker in the commercial forum as I'm not commercial (but their conversations are much more interesting).

    The argument above is a bit of a straw man. It's too simplistic,...
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    Re: They drowned in honey

    Next time (I know, day late, dollar short) if you have some straw laying about, throw a handful in with the honey. They'll use it as ladders to walk down to the honey instead of landing on the honey...
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