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    I believe our hive is gone...

    Our hive entered the winter with a small cluster, they had re queened in late September so things
    This week its been in the mid 50s and we are seeing no activity, so I popped the cover and peered...
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    Re: Yellow Jackets.........

    Did you see the first Hunger Games? Its going to take three people, buddy #1 grabs the video camera, buddy #2 stands underneath the nest with a shoe box ready to catch. Now you climb up the tree...
  3. Re: Yellow Jackets attaching bees outside the hive

    I moved my yellow jacket trap closer to the hive and renewed the sent, so lets hope that helps.., Actually Im not 100 % sure these yellow jackets they might be wasps. Im not real concerned...
  4. Yellow Jackets attacking bees outside the hive

    Any suggestion on what to do about yellow jackets attacking my bees outside the hive? So far they are not interested in the hive itself. They are going after bees that have landed on the ground and...
  5. Re: Tips or tricks for inserting mite count sticky sheet?

    I did the exact same thing with the exact same sticky board setup and had the same results. I decided I didnt like the setup .
    So i built the IPM screened bottom board. I love the fact that it...
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    Re: SHTF doomsday beekeeping

    Wont need bees, you will be able to replicate honey and any other food type with your standard issue replicator. Powered by Mr fusion of course...
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    Re: Do mites survive after a deadout?

    Ok I found this information in an article by MAAREC

    Without bees and brood, the mites can survive no more than 5
    days. They can, however, live in a comb with sealed brood at 68F for up to 30 days.
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    Do mites survive after a deadout?

    If you have a hive die out from mites, and choose to reuse the comb do any of the mites survive?

    Im sure after a certain period of time without any host bees they would all die off right?

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    Re: Neighbors destroying colonies

    Wow amazing! What did the police say about the incident? Do they consider it entirely a civil issue?

    I wonder if this would be considered an illegal use of a pesticide, perhaps your state has...
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    Re: That one obnoxious bee

    This confuses me, how does that bee contribute to any bee gene pool? Or is this statement not meant to be taken literally?
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    Re: Dark orangeish red bees

    I will try and grab a photo, they seem to be foragers so they dont sit still very much. Its the abdomen that is black and dark orange / red. They are identical to the other Italians int he hive...
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    Dark orangeish red bees

    Anyone seen bees that are dark orange to almost red color? My Italian queen is producing a few darker colored orange even red bees.
  13. Re: Tips for inserting screened mite board into hive with solid bottom board?

    Yes its a sticky board with a screen on it
    Mann Lake:

    I assume I can just push it into the entrance moving the bees that are...
  14. Tips for inserting screened mite board into hive with solid bottom board?

    Any tips for inserting screened mite board into hive with solid bottom board?
    Just shove it in and politely ask the bees to move out of my way?
    Im thinking its better to do this during the day as...
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    Re: Putting a Nuc into a Deep Lang

    I would transport the bees in their 4 frame nuc box. This may be a wood box to a cardboard box, ask your nuc provider.
    You want them sealed up while you transport them home.

    Have your 10...
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    Re: Is it time to add a second super? HELP!

    Ive heard you will want those outer frames drawn out to over winter, so its best when adding your second box to swap the outer frames in one spot.
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    Re: Wintering Help Needed

    Here is a good article on building a quilt box:
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    Re: Rite cell plastic foundation cell size?

    Mike Bush measured it as 5.4 mm
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    Re: Warning / Safety Signs

    I have read of cases where property owners posting "Beware of Dog" signs have had these same sign postings used against them when their dog bit a trespasser. Apparently a good lawyer can make the...
  20. Re: Swapped out Brood frame but then found eggs

    Yes learned a lot, now we know what eggs look like, what our queen's laying pattern is. In the few small area they had partially drawn out she was laying a good pattern. Interesting that she was...
  21. Re: Beginner Questions - Alternatives To Sugar Water

    Couple of things from a new beek, but I would separate out what is good for you as a human from what is good for a bee. Bees have different nutrition needs and a different digestive system from you....
  22. Swapped out Brood frame but then found eggs

    So for what ever reason my bees are not drawing rite cell frames right. They are building lots of comb coming out perpendicular to the foundation. So we decided to swap out the undrawn ritecel...
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    Re: Front Range Snow & extended Swarm Advisory

    Just checked on our NUC we installed in April, we started with four frames, they have only drawn two more frames. We have been feeding them since we installed the NUC. So we swapped the two outer...
  24. Thread: top feeders?

    by JeffM17

    Re: top feeders?

    What if you put the inner cover on then the top feeder? The bees could still get to the feeder via the oval hole but they might comb it up less.
  25. Thread: Top feeder

    by JeffM17

    Re: Top feeder

    With the Mann lake feeder has any one filled in some of the crevices underneath with foam? Obviously you want to keep the middle channel open but perhaps the edges and ends? Would that help with...
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