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  1. Re: Paramount Farms buying out beekeepers?

    No, I am just curious about the opportunity to sell bees to another market.
  2. Re: Paramount Farms buying out beekeepers?

    How much are they paying for a hive of bees? Are they only buying in CA, or are they picking up hives around the country?
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    Re: Want to work bare handed?

    I think a prerequisite to working bees barehanded is to be no longer scared of being stung on the hands. When I first started, ignorance and fear of what a bee sting felt like kept me from trying...
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    Re: Want to work bare handed?

    snl, do you mind if people add tips of how, and why, to work bees bare handed to this thread?
  5. Re: How to keep varroa at comfortable levels w/no chemicals????????

    The principles here in conjunction with overwintering those colonies using 5 frame boxes stacked two high have worked reliably for me for the last few years. The...
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    Re: Queen cells on PF120 plastic.

    I was talking to a guy yesterday about this. He puts a press in cage over the cells and lets them emerge into the cage, then introduces them into nucs caged for their own protection.
  7. Re: Is it too late to make a split this year (SW Ohio)?

    Go for it. You will learn something whether it works or whether it doesn't. You will also have doubled your hive count!
  8. Re: Overwintering Nucs- Bees filling frames with honey

    Putting in empty undrawn frames is a good use of the workforce. Are you adding the drawn frames to the top of the stack or the bottom?
  9. Re: Hived a new swarm, 5 minutes later they moved into an occupied hive.

    Try a search for "usurpation". There was an article in Bee Culture or the ABJ on this by Wyatt Magnum a while ago.
  10. Re: Ian Steppler... question re: your blog - shaking down queens

    Ian, what indicator do you use to tell you when spring is over, and it is "safe" to keep her to one box. A calendar date, the end of dandelions, the start of something blooming?
  11. Re: 7D nails for supers and hive bodies (Galvanized vs hot dipped, vs electro-galvani

    I have been making my boxes since I started in 2008. My 2c follows Cleo's thinking. I use 6d 2inch galvanized, Titebond 2, and rabbet joints. I cut, clamp and glue, drill pilot holes, nail, and...
  12. Re: Summer Management for over wintering nucs?

    Mitch, thanks. If they are new colonies established with a brood break I have not found a need to take anything from them. I start them in one level of 5 frames, usually MDA style, then when the...
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    Re: How Do You Spell Honey?

    It has been real wet here, but everything that could bloom is blooming right now, and the heat is coming. "He's got high hopes, he's got high hopes, he's got high apple pie in the sky hopes."
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    Re: queen larva loose in cells.

    Thanks. That makes sense, and is reassuring.
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    queen larva loose in cells.

    I have just pull some grafted cells from two different hives, I grafted on the 23rd.

    In the cells from hive 1 most of the bases are covered with royal jelly, and are bigger.

    In hive 2 there is...
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    Re: Putting hives in a swamp

    Is it secluded enough that your investment won't be bothered by bored, destructive idiots or bears?
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    Re: Be wary of stuck frames..

    A tip I got from Michael bush has proved useful. Lift one end of the box, you can tell by the way it feels if a frame is stuck. If it is use your hive tool, lever the top of the frame free off the...
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    Re: How to know if there's a flow?

    The most reliable way I have found is to get an old farm scale. Set it up under an average hive, and track the weights. This allows you to correlate the weights to your observations.
    My hives...
  19. Re: Winter nucs made with forced summer cells

    It is worth experimenting with. If you plan to bust that hive completely down to nucs I have a couple of suggestions.
    If you can clip the queens wings and miss an inspection you are less likely...
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    Re: 5 on 5 nuc or single deep?

    Grozzie, good questions that i have not done an experiment with to find out. What I have noticed is that in the 5/5 they use the center 3 frames for brood rearing in each level and that they build...
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    Re: 5 on 5 nuc or single deep?

    Here in Wisconsin 5/5's work fine. Following Michael Palmers nuc principle and Mel Disselkoen's brood break principles I have been doing quite well. Last year I lost 3 colonies out of 39, of those...
  22. Re: suggestions for cap and ladder mesh

    Randy, perfect! Thanks, I was looking for something I could just cut off, and this might be the ticket.
  23. Re: suggestions for cap and ladder mesh

    thanks for the tips.
  24. suggestions for cap and ladder mesh

    I am looking to make some feeders and would like to use a ladder system down into the tub. Does anyone have a good source for a tubular mesh I can purchase? I would like to punch a couple of holes...
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    Re: Capping Tank Ideas?

    Most of the stainless steel and plastic in an uncapping tank is not used for...
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