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    Re: summer mite populations and crashes

    Hey thanks Keith and Ian for your response. I do treat faithfully each fall and spring, sometime even twice in the spring. This summer the mites seem to have increased fast, so I will be making up...
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    summer mite populations and crashes

    I normally treat my bees against the mites two or even three times a year using various types of treatments. This summer, I've been seeing a lot of mites, and populations dwindling and yet the...
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    Re: wax spinners

    Thank you Maxant, I will definantly check them today. If this solves the problem, I'll call you and let you know. Thanks.
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    Re: wax spinners

    Hey thanks a lot Scott J. That looks like what the problem might be. I will check those bolts and see if this is the same problem, including the bolts on the channel iron. This may solve the...
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    wax spinners

    I just purchased a Maxant Sr. wax spinner, brand new, and the basket inside is off balance and wobbles. As the honey and wax is fed into the spinner from the Silver Queen uncapper, the spinner...
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    Re: 2 Way Pallet Plans and Ideas?

    What size EZY Loader are you using? Is this the one that is made in Australia? I looked at one here that a guy wanted to sell, but it was a 125 kg. The max that it would is 275 lb. My thinking was...
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    Re: Using Ezy loaders from Aust.

    Thank you for your response Harry. Yes, they do have a 125k and I really think that one is too light weight to lift a two way pallet of bees. Lifting one would be ok, but two would be a bit too...
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    Using Ezy loaders from Aust.

    Does anyone have any experience with 125 kg Ezy loader ? The maximum weight to lift is 275lbs This is the 125 kg. This seems too light weight for lifting two double deep hives on a pallet. It seem...
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    Re: When disaster strikes!!!

    I sure like your signature line Jim. I've heard of situations like yours. Best of wishes to you Jim.

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    Kelley Extractors

    What do you all think about about the Kelley extractors? The stainless steel that is used to make them is only 24 gauge. I'm looking to get at least a 30 frame extractor, or even a 60. Any thoughts?
  11. Re: swarming, superseding and requeening full colonies with lots of old workers

    Thanks for your info. and the advise. I do think that is a good idea keeping the "good" old queens by nucing her. I do that sometimes, but not as often as I probably should.
  12. Re: swarming, superseding and requeening full colonies with lots of old workers

    Hey ga.beeman, thanks for your responce. I think you are correct about how things have gone this spring. I dare say, that this year has been the most challenging year with queen raising. Some of it...
  13. swarming, superseding and requeening full colonies with lots of old workers

    This spring has been one of my most challenging springs. My plan was to make splits and raise queens from my carniolian breeder queen to sell, and to requeen my whole operation. With many of my...
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    Re: Canadian border open?

    Ian, I sure wish our govermnent had some balls.
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    raising queens on a larger scale

    I attemted to raise at least about 100 queens weekly, but mean while my own bees went to hell. Normaly, I requeen all my hives in the spring with the queens that I raise, but this spring was a real...
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    raising queens

    I've been raising queens for sometime now but still am not sure about how much of a mating time does she have before she loses that oppertunity for a good mating, and becomes a poor queen? After...
  17. Re: Making Splits and looking for the Queen; Is there a better way?

    I do use cells when I re-queen as well as mated queens. The desadvantages of using the cells is that the weather may prevent her from recieving good matings, (rainy, cold, ect.), or during her mating...
  18. Re: Making Splits and looking for the Queen; Is there a better way?

    Hey thanks Ian, I will be using this method. It sounds pretty good. Some of my hives are gearing up for swarming, and I just don't have the time to go through all my hives frame by frame looking for...
  19. Re: Making Splits and looking for the Queen; Is there a better way?

    Hey thank you very much for sharring this,this will save me alot of time. I have over 100 colonies to go through, so I will try this method. Thanks again Jrbbess.
  20. Making Splits and looking for the Queen; Is there a better way?

    The way that I've made splits for years has been the traditional way, I guess, of first looking for the queen then making up the nuc splits. I'm trying to make up about 80 queenless nukes for queen...
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    Dangerous places to put a bee yard

    I have recently got the OK to use a sod farm to place a beeyard. I realize that the sod farm has no benifits for the bees other than providing a place for about 40 colonies. I will be on the edge,...
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    Hello from mid. Ga.

    I just want to say, that I just recently found this forum, and am happy I did. Any way, my name is Jim. I'm a sideliner with about 150 colonies, and have a desire to be full time some day. I have...
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