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    Re: Howdy from PA

    Wow - nice to see so many in SW PA area. I am in Fayette County near Connellsville and Uniontown. I have both Warre hives (vertical top bars) and Langstroths. Also my first season beekeeping. I...
  2. Re: Interest in Beekping Assoc in Fayette County PA?

    Thanks Indypartridge, that's sounds like a good idea. I did plan to try several things to drum up interest -- I just thought I would ask out here, just in case there was anyone from the area on line...
  3. Interest in Beekping Assoc in Fayette County PA?

    Shouting out to see if any folks are would be interested in seeing a beekeeping assoc with regular meetings in Fayette County, PA - possibly serving also Greene & Somerset Counties also
  4. thanks for the recs

    Many thanks to all of you who've responded. I am seeing that there are as many ways to do this as there are to beekeeping. :)

    Standman, would you mind telling me how long the 6d galv nails are...
  5. what type nails/brads/staples do you recommend using to assemble frames & hive boxes?

    I am planning to glue and to either nail or staple. I am hearing and reading different things in different places.

    Any overall consensus or recs out there would be appreciated.

    I am not doing...
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    even though this is technically off topic of my question....

    Sqkcrk & others,
    For all the same reasons as have been iterated here on this site already; I will spare everyone a reiteration.... for example you can visit ...
  7. wow!

    Thanks for all the visuals! as well as the weblinks. All fascinating stuff - to me anyway...

    I went to the beehivevoja website -- there as a lot there to read, in glancing through it, seemed...
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    definition of sustainability & some philosophical thoughts on beekeeping

    What an intense discussion - I wish I was following it as it went along instead of trying to read all 4 pages at once.

    Just a couple of things I would like to chime in on...

    Sustainability -...
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    looking for vertical top bar hive designs

    I was on the road to having 2 langs and 2 KTBH's but recently I started reading about Warre and other alternative designs... now I am starting to rethink things.

    I would greatly appreciate info,...
  10. local sources in PA for nucs & queens?

    Sure sounds like a roller coaster! I hope this turns out to be a good year for you (and me too)....

    I think there needs to be more of a movement to local sources - especially as we see...
  11. Learning from Other Hive Types Around the World

    I am interested in hearing from folks about other hive types out there in the world. While Langs are what most people use here in the US, many other hive types are used around the world. I have...
  12. just a clarification

    I did see you said you got back into bk in 2005, so I reasked how long it took because its hard to fathom 4 to 30 for a newbie like me... I have to laugh, though as I hear warnings from folks...
  13. local sources in PA for nucs & queens?

    Thanks for the shout back Al! Wow - you went from 4 hives to 30! Yikes! How long did that take? I am starting w/4 as well, so just wondering... Also, do you have any local sources for nucs and...
  14. Looking for Beekeepers in SW Pennsylvania

    I am new to this bee web forum and actually new to beekeeping. I am starting out with 4 hives this spring on my farm and am planning to practice sustainable/natural beekeeping. I would...
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