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    Re: Combine or not to Combine?

    Add the combs right behind the last comb of the hive you are combining too after de-queening one and smoke has be applied. Adding a piece of newspaper cut the same shape but slightly bigger than your...
  2. Re: Help: extending my top bar hive

    The volume is important but the size of each comb is equally as important for the bees to organize the winter nest on fewer combs and for swarm control. I have several 34" hives but the area of each...
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    Re: Best way to feed honey back to the bees?

    Inverted pail or jar feeders works really well if it hasn't started to crystalize. It should be free of crystals for best result
  4. Re: Wax foundations = wax coated paint stirrer?

    >If you use a wax starter strip between two crooked combs you will end up with a crooked comb.<

    It is unlikely that you will get two crooked combs to put a foundation starter between when using...
  5. Re: Wax foundations = wax coated paint stirrer?

    There is a very good reason Wyatt uses the foundation starter and that is due to the consistency of straight combs with the mid rib being centered along the bar. Interchangeability between hives is...
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    Re: Brood location

    A colony organizes the nest in relation to the entrance. Most of the time the brood area is closest to the entrance expanding and contracting through the seasons. Honey stored above and behind.
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    Re: Keeping Combe straight tricks

    The best trick is to use guides that give the best results. I started my first hive with foundation starter strips and had excellent results with all combs straight with the mid rib running down the...
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    Re: get the bees off the comb

    A nuc size TBH that will hold ten or so bars that has a bee escape. Place the bars of honey in with the bees. No need to brush or shake bees. They will return to their hive within a few hours. I...
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    Re: Did you stick with top bar?

    I started with TBH's then tried some Langstroth's as well. I have both at this time and likely will remain using some of each. I don't see an issue with moving bees from one type to the other as it...
  10. Re: hottest weather temp you safely inspect TB in?

    Direct sun light will soften comb to the point it will loose its structural integrity at lower temps than 90 but working in the shade I don't see why you couldn't inspect at temps around 90 degrees....
  11. Re: First Inspection of my Nucs, what's this on my brood?

    If it was me I would remove the frame altogether right away.
  12. Re: First Inspection of my Nucs, what's this on my brood?

    Surprized nobody has responded yet. From what I can make out from the pics it looks a lot like EFB.
  13. Re: Thought swarming, slow queen, LOTS of dead bees, HELP!

    What kind of food supply do they have in the hive? Are they storing nectar, capping some honey, pollen. It could be they are hungry but if they look fine in that department then it could be something...
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    Re: Strange design, have to back-step

    Jamie D, your top bar arrangement should work just fine where the issue starts is with your guides. In my view the wedges are too shallow, a deeper wedge would work much better. Now that the combs...
  15. Re: When should I start seeing full bars of honey comb?

    My opinion is the hive volume is small for your location. What I would do is once they have the hives 2/3rds to almost full of comb pull the queen. During the queen-less period they should back fill...
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    Re: Am i at risk of chilled brood?

    estreya, reading the other thread it appears you spaced all the brood combs which in my view is too aggressive. A good rule when spacing is that the bees should be populous enough to easily fill the...
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    Re: drones kicked out/don't use smoker

    If it's not from lack of stores (dearth) it could very well be from a high varroa infestation. It would be a good idea to assess the level.
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    Re: Top bar hive split

    They will back fill as the brood emerges plus they should build at least a few combs. Once your new queen starts to lay the colony will get back to building comb and opening up the brood nest for the...
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    Re: top bar hives are a headache.

    I don't think they are a pain. I've been doing the TBH thing for 7 years. All my combs are interchangeable in the 30 colonies I have. What is a pain is newbees that know very little about bees...
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    Re: top bar hives are a headache.

    If this is important you also wouldn't want to use bees that have been living on contaminated wax as they will at first produce contaminated wax. If starting with clean bees possibly there is a...
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    Re: top bar hives are a headache.

    This needs to be repeated! Why anyone would recommend anything other than this to a beginner installing into an empty hive just isn't right in my mind.
  22. Thread: Bees Died

    by Delta Bay

    Re: Bees Died

    Cold wet weather and not taking feed is likely why they died. It is important to make sure the bees have found and are taking the syrup under those conditions. The syrup should be changed out for...
  23. Re: WANTED: Creative ideas for modifying 14" top bars to fit into a 20" hive

    You could easily rip lath down to the right width, cut to length and fasten it to the 14" bars to make them span the 20"
  24. Re: My Bees aren't building comb (2nd colony in a row)

    Do you happen to have an open screened bottom on your hive?
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    Re: New top bar, new ideas

    Very beautiful hive! I'm of the same mind as AugustC. Having the bars recessed in the rim will limit several comb manipulations. The main one is after going through a hive inspection you will only be...
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