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  1. Re: My plan going in to winter... any input would be GREATLY appreciated

    Hey Kyle,
    Just curious why your treating again for mites if you did three rounds in August? Is your mite count still high? I treated 3 rounds in late August/early Sept and plan on doing a single...
  2. Re: Winter prep - where do I need dead air space?

    Look at Keith Jarrett's youtube video on how to feed patties. You feed patties between two boxes not on top. The bees will not break cluster to go to the patties on top. It's very easy to do and your...
  3. Re: Hive on Steroids? Swarm Cells and Supercedure cells. Should I be Happy or Concern

    JRG13, thanks for the clarification. As far as just letting the hive go... not happening just in case those are swarm cells.
  4. Re: Hive on Steroids? Swarm Cells and Supercedure cells. Should I be Happy or Concern

    Gary suggested the same thing and I think it is an outstanding idea. Never would have thought of that... duh! So far this queen has had an exceptional performance and would hate to see something...
  5. Re: contamination with pesticides in wax and pollen

    Great Article... Thanks!
  6. Re: Hive on Steroids? Swarm Cells and Supercedure cells. Should I be Happy or Concern

    Beestudent, I destroyed the cells at the bottom of the frames (those are referred to as swarm cells). I am not sure what you mean by "did your queen get properly mated?". The existing queen surely...
  7. Re: Hive on Steroids? Swarm Cells and Supercedure cells. Should I be Happy or Concern

    Gary, yes we did get a little rain. Yes all the cells had royal jelly; the swarm cells that I destroyed were viable with larva. The supercedure cells also contained royal jelly and larva and were...
  8. Hive on Steroids? Swarm Cells and Supercedure cells. Should I be Happy or Concerned?

    I am a second year beek. Learned grafting this year and went from 6 to 25 hives. I have one hive, Q was mated Sept 1, has now filled out second deep, solid laying pattern, eggs, larva, six frames of...
  9. Thread: Homemade OAV

    by McCoslin

    Re: Homemade OAV

    Good job, if my store bought one tanks, I'm going to give that a try.
  10. Thread: Homemade OAV

    by McCoslin

    Re: Homemade OAV

    Ditto That!
  11. Re: HELP!! Hornets living directly under my hive!

    Can't you wait until night fall and move the hive? At least enough to get to the hornet's nest?
  12. Thread: TF and mites

    by McCoslin

    Re: TF and mites

    Try checking out Randy Oliver's site. A lot of info on OAD and OAV. I went with OAV as my bees were not building up like they should this spring. I did a sugar shake and sure enough had mites, quite...
  13. Thread: mite numbers

    by McCoslin

    Re: mite numbers

    Just finish my 3rd cycle of treating w/ OAV. I treat 3 times 5-7 days apart as worker bee cycle is 21 days. Bees are PO'd for about an hour. No harm to queens or brood. I did the same treatment this...
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    Re: uniting hives/laying workers

    I added a laying worker hive to a fairly new hive just a few weeks ago using the newspaper method and it worked out fine.The laying workers did not resume laying. Like you I was tempted to just let...
  15. Re: Oxalic Acid Vaporization - Questions and Answers

    I'm on my way to Lowes to buy a respirator. Ever have a whiff of OAV.... I could believe it would kill tracheal mites!!
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    Re: East Bay, CA Summer expectations


    When I add a box to a new hive and the progress is slow; I usually pull up couple of frames from the bottom box and replace with un-drawns. At least one of Honey/Pollen and one of...
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    Re: Ripe Queen cell hasn't hatched

    I had a queen cell that was still capped 2 days after she was supposed to hatch. I figured something happened to the cell. I cut the tip off to do a "post mortem" and to my surprise a live queen...
  18. Re: Seven days post virgin installation inspection

    So far I have not had any virgins fly off.....yet! Releasing the virgins onto open cells of nectar seems to work as the queens are more interested in eating than flying off. It would be great if all...
  19. Re: Seven days post virgin installation inspection

    Just released another dozen using Lauri's method. I made up nuc's early in the morning and released the queens a couple of hours later. In all cases I pulled a frame of honey w/ some open cells of...
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    Re: A number of Questions

    The hives that are "floundering", you might want to check them for mites. I have been expanding like crazy this year. I am supplementing with syrup and pollen sub and the new hives are drawing out...
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    Re: Does OAV hurt open brood?

    It's actually the best time to treat them. When you have closed brood you have to treat 3-4 times, 5-7 days apart.
  22. Re: Seven days post virgin installation inspection

    Let's start a club; this is my second year as a beek, and my first year grafting. I have experienced all that you have mentioned. I have had good luck with direct release with virgins. Look up...
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    Re: No eggs in hives

    Are you feeding syrup and sub ?With that much weather one would almost have to. Last year was my first year. I grossly underestimated the feed requirements of a hive and they all shut down. I...
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    Re: new nuc installed

    It's very doubtful that the queen was injured during your transfer. In fact not tearing apart the frames when you transferred probably helped insure her safety (Good Job!). I am in my sophomore...
  25. Re: Wax cell cups queen rearing on a large scale.

    I'm finding that my success rate have less to do with what type of cups I'm using. I find that the quality of my cell builder and introducing open brood four days before I graft has helped me with...
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