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  1. Re: What's this green lookin' stuff on the comb?

    Looks like mold to me. Will be interested in hearing a reply, I have a friend with the same issue and he needs to know if they are safe for the bees and what to do to them before introduction if they...
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    Re: First year plan ADVICE wanted

    Get used to it. Bees will do that to you. I mimic post #8. Good Luck and welcome to beesource. G
  3. Re: Newbee planning to go foundationless - what frames to get?

    I use the ML wedge top and just nail the strip in for a starter. I would suggest solid bottom pieces as another poster said the grooved or split give shb a place to hide. G
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    Re: Scrap wood

    You need to get the Carpenters some new tape measures, in 46 years Ive never seen waste like that on a daily, weekly, or job basis. If I was the contractor buying that wood, i would be pissed. If i...
  5. Re: Extractor-less honey by- "Honey Flow" - Flow Hive

    Right on two fronts Oldtimer, those are definitely Kangaroos, and you have a very cute Granddaughter. Congratulations.:D G
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    Re: green pollen

    Hmm, I was thinking the green my frames are full of was maple, according to those they must be bringing in oak. G
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    Re: ordering supplies and long wait times...

    Never had Mann Lake take more than 3 days. If something is on back-order, they still ship what they have and don't bill you for back-ordered items until the item is shipped. Mann Lake=:thumbsup: G
  8. Re: Extractor-less honey by- "Honey Flow" - Flow Hive

    Thanks Rader, my finger must have got stuck on the 000000000 button. Well, that way I don't have to blame it on my brain:D. Premise still remains the same.(only 10x less) G
  9. Re: Extractor-less honey by- "Honey Flow" - Flow Hive


    It seems out of balance to me too. Im not bashing anyone, I wish them well, and think its an interesting idea. My concern would be, when one seeks 70,000 for startup, and winds up with...
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    Re: Double nuc under shared super

    Will do. Thanks. G
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    Re: Who's got drones

    Have a few walking on the frames and a handful capped. Central Va. G
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    Re: Double nuc under shared super

    So you did the test using deeps Vance. That makes sense, I thought splitting a single medium might be a little sparse. Unless I misread I think that was the posters proposition. I might try that with...
  13. Re: Extractor-less honey by- "Honey Flow" - Flow Hive

    I wish I didn't, but I'm afraid I agree 100% Agis. For those that keep bees, its obvious, for those that don't, its a "dream come true". Magical even........... G
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    Re: Wiring Super Duragilt Frames

    I tried some duragilt last year, I don't think you need to worry about wiring it in supers. It is plenty sturdy on its own. Good Luck. G
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    Re: Screen Shrubs for Virginia

    Rose of Sharon is a great pollen producer with long lived blooms. The Honeybees and Bumbles leave ours covered. I don't see ours on the privet as much, but only have a couple, and acres of white...
  16. Re: Is it considered standard practice to split a hive each year?

    I agree, and that's my plan. with 4 this year. I did it last year, with 2 and the one hive produced good surplus. G
  17. Re: Do NOT start another "Honey Flow" thread!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Easy answer.........start reading............ :D. I would say from my perspective, curious would be the overwhelming feeling. A few haters, and the rest want to wait and see. G
  18. Re: Extractor-less honey by- "Honey Flow" - Flow Hive

    :lpf: good one. G
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    Re: Tractor supply

    I see TS has it but like someone else said, seems like its all online. maybe if they have any customer requests, they will start stocking some supplies, but I expect the 2 days it takes to get my...
  20. Re: Another day another mystery - Queen Balling??? Video

    If they successfully combine with a gentle queens hive, I would think the mean ones would just die off naturally. Might just boost the hive till the natural cycle occurs, then I would assume it would...
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    Re: Dead Out Numbers/Winter Losses

    Good Luck Cub, 20 was going to be my number this year too, but if i get to 15 good ones going into next winter I will be happy. I too was fooled by the lack of fall flow, fed late, wont make that...
  22. Re: help me understand my first postmortem...

    Heres where the first came from and the rest are open mated. G
  23. Re: help me understand my first postmortem...

    Have and have not. I only treated when it looked dire. I have lost my share of hives. 3 of my 4 hives that made it through the winter have had no treatment, two being splits from last year off of the...
  24. Re: Standardization from the start - all mediums

    I'm transitioning to all mediums, wish I had started there. Just makes too much sense not to with the fact that all parts will be interchangeable, not to mention other factors. Good Luck. Welcome to...
  25. Re: help me understand my first postmortem...

    Im new so salt it up, but last year I had one die with a full deep of honey above it. I suspect your last picture is the culprit. Through the many ways they can negatively affect hive health. Good...
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