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  1. Re: Questions from new beekeeper- Comments welcome! (Pics included)

    Wonder if you did not feed enough. I fed my two pkgs, and nuc that I put in a deep, a LOT!
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    Re: Solid Bottom Board

    I have 3 hives, two have Screened BB's and one has a Solid BB. I've discovered that the bees drop a TON of pollen, that they then cannot retrieve through the screened BB. Also, I have discovered...
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    Re: Washboarding

    Thanks for the video, really cool.
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    Re: Yellow jacket hanging around hive

    The yellow jackets are hanging around my hives also, but are just above the ground in front of the hives, chowing down on what they find there. Once in a while a stray tries to get into a hive, but...
  5. Re: Photos of my partial sheet of foundation in deep frames -experiment

    Wow, you are full of great ideas! Thanks for sharing, gives me a lot of food for thought.
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    Re: Trying my first trap out

    I will have to do some research on trapouts. Met some people that live close by, they have a bee tree, and would like the bees removed. Guess they have called a few keepers around here, but no one...
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    Re: Hornets killing my bees

    Beemartin, I did that for wax moths, attracted some yellow jackets, and, to my surprise honey bees, so I took it down. It was about 4 a 5 feet away and 6 feet up in the air.
  8. Re: cleaning out shed- found old wiring table and embedder

    Those are so cool!
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    Re: Please help dont know what to do.

    That is so strange, it has been HOT here, and my bees have not bearded like that picture. They hang out on the porch at night, but not to that extent.
  10. Re: What is this slot used for in this frame?

    You pop off that piece of wood, then put your foundation, popsicle sticks, under it, then nail it back on again.
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    Re: First Harvest.

    Oh I am so envious :-) I believe My bees have made enough to harvest a little bit this year too, but I wont be able to do anything till the middle of August.
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    Re: Where to start in Bee Keeping?

    This is a good place to start! And look online at bee keeping catalogs, blogs, and you tube. I learned a TON on youtube. In the beginning it takes some time, but not hours a day time. One thing...
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    Re: possessive of water source?

    After watching the bees at the trough, for a longer spell, yesterday, I think the Italians were on a "cleaning" spree. I watched a few Italians running after Carnis, and if the Carni allowed, the...
  14. Re: Looks like someone is getting too big for their britches

    beautiful! A little off topic........what is the best way to store the sugar blocks you make? I made some up and have them in a paper grocery bag in a wooden footlocker in my barn. It's hot in...
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    Re: identity if this teeny tiny wasp?

    Hey thanks!
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    Re: possessive of water source?

    They are not drowning, the trough has burlap over the water, works real well. I just pointed out the Italian/carni since they are in different hives, figuring the Italians may be trying to guard the...
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    identity if this teeny tiny wasp?

    I noticed these itty bitty wasp-like guys at the entrance of my hives. Bees fighting them off, but was wondering if anyone knew their name, or anything about them. Cant find anything on line. They...
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    possessive of water source?

    Just got back from my hives. At their trough, I have set up for them, I noticed some of the Italian bees hanging onto some of the Carnis. The trough is about 7 to 8 feet from the hives, 50 gallon. ...
  19. Re: these are parked outside my house right now...(derailment)

    Oh no, what a mess!
  20. Re: Why I decided not to put my hives out in the sun

    Never did have bees there just the hives. I moved the hives, before I got the bees, because of the heat. Didn't have to move them far, just about 20 feet to get them under the trees. I figured 171...
  21. Why I decided not to put my hives out in the sun


    They do get some sun in the morning, but are in shade the rest of the day. When I started out everything I read, and a LOT of people told me, put them in FULL sun, except one book said...
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    Re: The Miracle of Going Foundationless!

    "I really like my foundationless, but you do have to keep on top of it, some hives don't understand comb guides.

    BTW wax starter strips were chewed out of the frames in one of my hives, so now I...
  23. Re: Bear sighted tonight - keep your fingers crossed

    I got a hint from a keep, told me to lay down chicken wire on the entire perimeter of the electric fence and attach the ground to it.
  24. Re: Collecting cool apiary photos - care to add?

    Oh MY, Ryan!
  25. Re: Collecting cool apiary photos - care to add?

    Those are real pretty Schnee!
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