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    Sticky: Re: Post Your Bloom Dates - 2015

    Polk County, NC 28722
    I've noticed that on days when it's warm enough for the bees to fly, a few are bringing small amounts of pollen in. I don't know what it is, but some is a pale yellow color,...
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    Re: Post your bloom dates 2014!

    Goldenrod is just starting in Polk County, elev about 1200 ft, about 90 miles west of Charlotte; has been blooming about 2 weeks already up in Henderson County, next county to my west & 1000 ft...
  3. Re: Yellow Jackets in front of my hives!! Yikes!

    I've had yellowjackets around my hive all summer. They don't seem to make too much effort to get in, & if they do the bees seem to be strong enough to discourage them. Mostly it looks like the...
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    Re: Yellow jackets

    I've been having a horrible time with yj's the past few weeks. I've found a dozen nests in my 3 acres so far, nasty little buggers!! Been stung about 20 times. I go out after dark & use...
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    Re: Goldenrod in West Georgia

    Goldenrod hasn't started yet in the NC foothills, about an hr west of Charlotte in Polk Co., but the Joe Pye has. Goldenrod has started blooming in Henderson Co. just west of me & about 1000ft...
  6. Re: I was stung by some kind of ground bee - will it help with honeybee sting toleran

    Yellowjackets are mean little buggers! I've found 4 nests (the hard way!) in the past 2 weeks in the couple acres around where I have my bees. Been stung about 10 times on the arms & legs. It...
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    Re: European Hornets

    I've wondered about yellowjackets, too. I have my hive in the middle of a pasture of about 3 acres. This past weekend I found (the hard way, of course!) a nest while mowing at one end of the...
  8. Thread: Honey supers

    by ricjamvo

    Re: Honey supers

    I'm a newbie, too, but I have a question for you. Do you think using all shallows will give you enough comb for the bees to store enough to get through winter? The man who taught the class I took...
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