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  1. Re: Africanized Honey Bees becoming more gentle

    I never caught that the first time watching. After you mentioned it I went back and watched again. Pretty dang cool. If you missed it then it is worth going back and watching again.
  2. Thread: Gunfire

    by Luv2beekeep

    Re: Gunfire

    "Full auto, Tannerite explosions, and so on."

    That Tannerite is some fun stuff isn't it? I shoot within 100 feet of my hives all the time. .50 BMG, .338 Lapua, 300 WSM, handguns,...
  3. Re: Trucking bees for do they do it??

    We have been loading trucks out of the cellars for the almonds. We have been putting 408 double deep hives on each truck. We could get more but the weight is really good coming out of the cellar this...
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    Re: ordering new bees

    I have had Carni's and Italian's. I like the Carni's because they seem to winter better here in Idaho. They do seem to have a little smaller cluster going into winter but I have seen them build very...
  5. Re: How cold before you need to close up bottom of hive?

    "second try on this reply......I wish everyone saying to leave the board off would also indicate the snowfall that covers the bottom of the hive thereby insulating it. no snowfall and a cold...
  6. Re: When do you add pollen supplements to promote brood rearing in winter/spring

    I'm not putting on any pollen here in Idaho yet. We still have 4 inches of snow and our first dandelions don't bloom until the middle of March. Most of my bees will be leaving the cellar in about 2...
  7. Re: How cold before you need to close up bottom of hive?

    I think you would be alright either way. I have both screened and solid bottom boards and here in Idaho we have had temps in the low teens to 15 below a few weeks ago. Finally warmed up to the upper...
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    Re: What Leaves to put in a Smoker?

    I use tightly wrapped burlap topped with some dried soumac buds. I got this idea of the soumac from the Fat Beeman. He said that the soumac would calm the bees. Believe it or not it actually seems to...
  9. Re: Its going to be a good year or its going to be a bad year!

    Every year is a good year to me. When I am still upright and able to take on nourishment then it is a good year. Having my bees survive is just an added bonus. Here in Idaho it has been below 0...
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    Re: Happy Thanksgiving!

    Woke up to 10" snow here in Rupert, Idaho. Going to be a great day. Happy Thanksgiving to all of you everywhere. Hope you receive all the desires of your hearts.
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    Re: Im like an expectant father

    I go in and check mine 4 days after I install them just to see if the Queen has been released. If she is released then I take the cage out and close up the hive for another week and then go start...
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    Re: First sting ever

    Isn't it amazing how something as small as a stinger from a bee can hurt so doggone bad. I had shots from Doctors and nurses, in the arms, in the butt but none of them hurt as bad as that doggone bee...
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    Banking Queens tonight

    We banked 236 queens tonight. Already to do 100 splits this Saturday. More the next weekend and then requeen some hives. Bees look really good coming out of California. Hope the splits go well.
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    Re: Medium Super Frame in Hive Body

    If you live close enough to him and have three deep frames just go over tomorrow and remove the three mediums and replace with three deeps. The queen has not been released yet if you just installed...
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    Re: Lost two, one left.

    I think option one will be the easiest for you. Just make sure your survivor hive is a good 7 or 8 frames of bees strong or you may go into winter with just your nucs. Don't rob everything to gain...
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    Re: Front Range weather roller-coaster

    I have a potatoe scale that I have one hive setting on. I just checked it and it weighs 95 lbs. Just about right for this time of year for a two deep. I have mountain camped my hives though because...
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    Re: Back to square 1

    Sorry to hear of your loss. Sounds kind of like a funeral. But we do get close to these bees. I try to live by a little poem I heard once and it sounds like you are to. Here It is.

    When things go...
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    Re: Beekeeping in Alaska

    I have never lived there, but have been to Soldotna to fish a couple of times on the Kenai river. It was beautiful. Lots of flowers. Daylight most of the day. I told my wife I wouldn't mind living...
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    Re: Built my first migratory pallet today.

    The most common plywood I've seen used is 3/4 " standard. As far as the configuration, I have only seen the split deck. I have not seen a solid one. I'm sure they are used by someone out there. I...
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    Re: Built my first migratory pallet today.

    I myself have not seen any migritory pallets that are not made out of 2 X 4's (Treated and untreated) and plywood. All have been 3/4" thick. As far as split or full deck, I'm not sure what you are...
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    Re: "Fringe Genetics"

    I think what he is trying to say is that there are new people who get on bee source and ask a question and only get one or two or no response and the question does not get answered. Or the new person...
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    Poll: Re: Supers: Paint the edges or not?

    I paint the top and bottom edges of mine. The titebond glue idea sounds good too. Make sure you let it dry good before placing one box on top of the other. That stuff is tuff once it sticks things...
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    Re: Built my first migratory pallet today.

    Also rim boards are made from 3/8 " cedar lath. These are all squared up before screwing together so that there is uniformity when stacking them.
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    Re: Built my first migratory pallet today.

    1. Thickness of plywood-- 3/4"
    2. How many Plys -- 5
    3. Full sheets vs. gaps-- gaps (Using spare lumber, seams are very tight together)
    4. Screws vs. Nails-- Every thing is stapled with 1...
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    Re: Built my first migratory pallet today.

    My rim where the box sets is 3/8" lath boards. 5" openings opposite of each other so I hope not to get to much drift.
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