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  1. Found a super I forgot to extract, what now

    So in cleaning up my basement, I came across a full shallow super that I apparently forgot to extract last year. Oops. It was fully capped over, however moisture has gotten to it and now the honey...
  2. Thread: Moving a swarm

    by klupien

    Moving a swarm

    So one of my hives swarmed yesterday AM, and landed in an inconvenient place (of course) in a tree approx. 35 ft up and about 40 feet from the original hive. So I took a couple of deeps, threw in...
  3. Re: mite count and considering using MAQS now; advice please

    Just to chime in here..My weakest hive came in at 75 mites on the BB after 72 hours, the others were less than 10. But give the mild winter and quick buildup, I thought I'd treat early rather later....
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    mouse turds on BB

    I had removed my mouse guards back in late March when things started to get going (pollen, traffic jams) and on a quick inspection this afternoon, I saw mouse turds on the bottom board. Should I put...
  5. Re: regarding a new split that seems to want to swarm

    so even though this is is weak hive with a brand new queen I should still split?? Could I use the demaree method? anything else? I also dont really want 4 weak hives...could I combine in any other...
  6. regarding a new split that seems to want to swarm

    So I had an over-wintered hive that I split back in mid May which seems to be doing well- 70% of the bottom deep and about 40% of the upper have been drawn out, lots of brood, honey etc. When I...
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    Feeding back a super

    After doing a brief check on my hive, I decided to feed them a full super as a precaution. Was this right? The cluster looked large and was right at the very top of the deep. It looked as though...
  8. Re: Question about slow uptake on a Fumagiling syrup

    Thanks for the opinion, but as first year beekeepers, this is the route we've chosen.

    I'd like to put the super back on as a source of food- I realize it is too late for anything else. I put it...
  9. Question about slow uptake on a Fumagiling syrup

    So we have 1 first year hive w/ 2 deeps: the bottom has some brood, pollen and honey,the 2nd has lots of uncapped honey. We also have a super that is full of honey, about 1/2 of which is capped. We...
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    drone brood in supers

    Hi all- First off I apologize if these are silly questions, I'm a 'newbee'.
    So great 1st year- installed a package in May, strong queen, have two fully drawn out deeps with brood, pollen, honey,...
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