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    Re: Newb from Atlanta

    Hello Bermuda,
    Welcome to Beesource. I'm originally from Gainesville, Ga. You are somewhat close to the Fat Bee man. He's in Lula, GA. Good luck with your bees.
  2. My bees decided to re queen themselves without my permission!

    I just went out to the bee yard to check on a graft frame and noticed that one of my biggest honey hives that I had done a cut down split on was bringing in a lot of pollen. I thought it was odd if...
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    Re: Drones crawling in the grass

    Sounds like the mite population is too hive. You should treat them soon or do a split.
  4. Re: Maximising the honey flow with The Cut Down Split:

    "They will be requeened in 16 days not 4 to 5 weeks." Should have clarified that. She won't be laying eggs for about 4 to 5 weeks. Thanks Ten bears.
  5. Maximising the honey flow with The Cut Down Split:

    Here in Japan we are about to start the heaviest part of our flow and I want to maximise the honey collection.
    I have done cut down splits in the past but I want to run over my procedure and get...
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    Re: who is this bee

    From your description, sounds like the Yellow hornet / European hornet. These guys are nasty. They are protein hunters and love to feed their larva honeybees. I would put out some hornet traps and...
  7. Re: Rating types of feeders and when to use.

    I bought Don the fat bee mans give top feeder plans and have bee very happy with the results. Check it out if you have a chance.
  8. Re: What's the most useful ..table saw or router table

    Thanks for all the great info. I have a table saw and I think the best plan is to spend the money I would have spent on a router and table on a good dado set and maybe a higher end incra fence....
  9. Re: What's the most useful ..table saw or router table

    Dado blades are so expensive here and this is one reason why I'm leaning towards a router.
  10. What's the most useful ..table saw or router table

    I've been thinking that I need to add a router table to my beekeeping wood working shop. Is it worth buying a router and router table or can I just get buy with my table saw?
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    Re: New from North Georgia

    Hello knucklehead. Welcome to Beesource. I'm originally from NGa. Gainesville to be exact. The Fat Bee Man lives in Loginville. He would bee a great source for training. Good luck with your...
  12. Orientation flights as a mark of healthy hives?

    I was in my bee yard this afternoon and was privileged to witness an amazing sight. It was about 1:30pm and I noticed one of my single smaller deeps with lots of bees flying around the hive. Upon...
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    A little Wintering Advice Please

    Last year due to my poor mite management, hornets and bad weather I lost 9 of my 10 hives. This year was a rebuilding year and I have managed to build back to eight hives. Most of the hives have...
  14. Re: Are your bees perkier the day after OAV?

    I have also noticed this phenomenon as well and think if this is the case, shouldn't we give our bees periodic shots of OA as a preventative treatment? Instead of treating only in the fall and...
  15. Re: Asian Hornet / Frelon Asiatique / Vespa Velutina - 4 lines of defence - need cont

    I have to deal with them every year in Japan. We have three types. Yellow hornets, smaller version of the Asian hornet and the Giant Japanese hornets. They are flying monsters. I use a trap that fits...
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    Re: Mite on Virgin Queen?

    Use 1 gram for a single hive and 2 grams for a double box. I don't really measure anymore . I just use a small tea spoon. 1 scoop for a single and 2 scoops for double. Good luck!
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    Re: Mite on Virgin Queen?

    They may or they may not but the longer that mite is on the queen the greater chance she will become weak or sick. At that point, she will be superseded provided the hive has the resources. Also, if...
  18. Re: Can I use a queen excluder to stop laying workers from killing an introduced quee

    Will do! Thanks for the advice Michael.
  19. Can I use a queen excluder to stop laying workers from killing an introduced queen ?

    Unfortunately I have two laying workers hives and both have quite a few bees. I was wondering if I could put the laying workers in a second hive body above a queen right hive with a queen excluder...
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    Re: OAV treating a newly hived swarm

    I've been using OAV for several years now with good results. If you use it on a swarm with no brood it should be quite effective at killing the phoretic mites ( mites on adult bees). Here's my...
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    Re: Asian Hornet

    You should pray they are not in the U.S.A. They are very aggressive and can decimate a strong hive in two or three hours. I'm an American living in Japan and have had to deal with them every fall for...
  22. Re: I think my bees might be foundation challenged. . . pics included

    I think this is a heat issue. What kind of weather are you having? The only place where the bees have drawn comb is in the center where the warmth of the cluster is.
  23. Re: What is your favorite hive configuration?

    I am going to all eight frame deeps. I think this is the best set up for the brood nest as well as honey production. Eight frame deep boxes also make good queen castles. The box can be divided so you...
  24. Re: Caught a swarm barehanded in the air!

    Great job! I have two dead virgin queens I kept. If I put them in alcohol will it work like yours?
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    Re: Rough Day in the Beeyard

    I am also a novice beekeeper but I'm getting a lot of experience this Spring for sure. I did a Cut down split with my strongest hive because I wanted to produce a lot of honey and get a new queen. I...
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