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    Re: A Little Something Hiding Under the Porch

    Great Photos!!

    If you are into collecting swarms or doing cutouts and trap outs - join us on The more the merrier.
  2. Thread: Swarm lures

    by ozebee

    Re: Swarm lures

    Beeks - if you are into swarm collecting, sign up into the new site and lets make it work for us.
  3. Re: Just did a cut-out on Friday - - AND I GOT THE QUEEN, BABY !!!!!! (VIDEO)

    Hi PatBeek, a really nice cut out and queen find!
    An expert like you needs to join up to Hope to see you on there!!
  4. - a new specialised web site for swarm collection has just been launched to make it easier for general public to report a swarm and get very fast notification to the nearest Beekeepers who can collect it. It is based on...
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    Re: pictures from wood duck hive transfer

    Very similar to a possum box I did this year - hive doing very well in their proper box now!
  6. URGENT - important petition to sign re pesticides

    Bees around the world are dying off and Europe’s food watchdog just said certain pesticides are part of the problem. We’ve got just days before key meetings -- let’s get a 3-million-person swarm to...
  7. Re: Swarm Collections -new web site suggestions please!!!

    Thank you 100td for your very good input. I tend to agree with a lot of what you said and have experienced it myself. Communications is the key!!! I am hoping to pride that in a very comprehensive...
  8. Re: Swarm Collections -new web site suggestions please!!!

    What do you guys feel is the preferred method of receiving a notification of a swarm?
    a. email - with details of swarm so you can contact the notifier at your leisure
    b. Text message- with contact...
  9. Re: Swarm Collections -new web site suggestions please!!!

    Thank you for your input and I totally agree. The web site is not going to be a commercial operation by any means and honesty and convenience to both the public and the beekeeper is my aim.
  10. Re: Swarm Collections -new web site suggestions please!!!

    From what we read and hear from many sources, there is a "bee survival crisis" world wide - or is the media having us on?? Over the past few years I have lost close to 10 colonies to the SHB - I had...
  11. Swarm Collections -new web site suggestions please!!!

    Hi Everyone,

    I thought I'd put this out into the forum and get some feedback and suggestions from many of you seasoned swarm collectors.

    Being in the IT industry and a keen beekeeper, I had...
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