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  1. Re: Advice: Bug Net or Bee Veil - Beekeeping on a Budget

    That sounds wicked cool Doug. I would love to be involved in a project like that someday. So far all I've done is given a Kiva loan to a Beekeeper. If your project is ongoing and I can do anything to...
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    Split Questions

    Hi there folks. I'm a 2nd year beek with all medium foundationless equipment. I made a split in early august by taking 5 frames (brood, empty comb, eggs, honey) from my hive and putting them into a 5...
  3. Re: 2nd year beek with a swarm issue big surprise ::Update::

    Ok folks. Message received. It's probably best not to combine them back. I went down and un-combined the hives in the dark and now all is well with the world. Now that I am not stressing out my brain...
  4. 2nd year beek with a swarm issue big surprise ::Update::

    So I finally got a hold of my mentor and he recommended a newspaper combine to be safe. He told me his mentor told him the same and he has tried it successfully in the past. I went down to my bee...
  5. Help. Time sensitive (2nd year beek with a swarm issue big surprise)

    Earlier in the week i noticed my bees were in swarm mode. I already had a swarm trap near by and hoped they would just move into it. Today I saw lots of bees going in and out of the trap so assumed...
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    Re: Roman Beekeeper's Signet Ring

    Simply awesome. You just made a bunch of people here jealous!
  7. Re: Question on Weather, Splits, and Queens

    I know he meant to put the empty frames back on but I thought he meant to also use the honey as feed. It is mixed with syrup from fall feeding so I can't extract it for human use. Is feeding it back...
  8. *Update and new ?s* Question on Weather, Splits, and Queens

    So I just got back from the inspection and Mike was right, the top box has LOTS of sealed brood (and I saw my beautiful queen in there :) ) unfortunately, since that was all honey previously, it is...
  9. Re: Question on Weather, Splits, and Queens

    Thanks for the replies folks. So I guess no split yet, I shall work on my patience. Interesting idea to extract the honey/syrup in the top box to make space and then just feed it back. Hadn't though...
  10. Question on Weather, Splits, and Queens

    I successfully overwintered my first hive and now it seems to be booming. on warm days there are TONS of bees in the air and they are fighting to get through the mouse guard. I have a 10 frame all...
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    Another winter feeding question

    I am wondering if there is any drawback to winter feeding of dry sugar or candy. It is often referred to as "emergency feeding" but, other than cost of sugar, I am not sure why you wouldn't want to...
  12. Re: Your preference for winter feeding: dry sugar OR fondant

    I have a feeding question but there are so many threads on feeding right now I didn't want to start another. I am wondering why some people put sugar on newspaper on the top bars (mountaincamp I...
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    Re: Mountain camp feeding Vs. Candy Board

    Why the vanilla?
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    Narrow Frame Question

    I am going into my second year keeping bees and am running an all medium foundationless hive. I hope to add a hive or two next year and bought some new equipment in preparation. I just made a set of...
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    The awesome Beevac construction question.

    This question can be for anyone who has built one of these. I am going to try and put one of these together and I was wondering what size people made their tubes. Did you use the full length of the...
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    Re: Beeviction notice from the city

    Having one bee hive should not be considered "agricultural activity" any more than having a small vegetable garden. I think you should write letters of complaint against every person in town growing...
  17. Re: Another noob with queen cell questions (pics)

    Thanks for the input folks. Not sure what I'll do but I will let you know how it goes.
  18. Re: Another noob with queen cell questions (pics)

    The Q cells are all capped. I had a beek friend over a few minutes ago and we opened one cell up to see how far along they are. They just have small larvae in them. No eggs or larvae in any worker...
  19. Another noob with queen cell questions (pics)

    Well I hived my first package about 6 weeks ago. I am running all medium foundationless frames M. Bush style. I have taken a look at the girls every 8-10 days mainly for the sake of learning. Every...
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    Re: Alexander veils

    I have been using an alexander veil for the same reason ($). I noticed it was close to my face when I put it on the first time so I just wear a baseball cap or a visor underneath. Problem solved :)
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    Re: Grooved or Wedge?

    If you get the wedge top you can use the wedge (turned 90) as your comb guide. If you get groove you need to buy/find something to stick into the groove. Seems like the wedge top is the...
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    Dog Sting (close call)

    So when I decided to seriously look into starting out in beekeeping the very first topic I researched was whether the bees could coexist happily with my 70 lb boxer. Everything I read said the dog...
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    Re: Books everyone should own?

    I thought Honeybee Democracy was great. Interesting and gives some insight that could be useful in catching swarms.
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    Re: Sinko de Mayo

    :ot:Sir, based on your signature I'm not sure if you are a pilot or a lawyer. Ordinance means law, as in a city ordinance (three syllables). Ordnance (two syllables, no i) refers to munitions, as in...
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    Re: Bearding question

    OP says the super is actually a feeder.
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