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    Re: What do mad bees smell like?

    When the bees first start getting riled up I can smell a good ripe banana smell, but its usually right when they first get riled up then after that it changes to another smell.
  2. Re: Want opinions on Introducing queens and Nucs

    I guess my question really is would it be best to introduce the queens and keep the nucs for new cells, or combine the nucs with the hives needing requeened? Then make new nucs? This is one of them...
  3. Want opinions on Introducing queens and Nucs

    Ive got several queens laying in nucs really well and Im about to start putting some in my big hives to requeen them. Ive got more ripe cells going to need to be put in nucs is a few days. I do not...
  4. Re: Bees using brood area for honey - no Brood!

    yep I agree with what Joseph said.
  5. Re: Adding supers in a Dee Lusby or Michael Bush way

    I have found that in my area I do better by leaving one medium honey super on the hive all winter. I winter my hives with two deeps and a medium. The reason for this is because When I have really...
  6. Re: Two frame nuc with introduced virgin absconded.

    So how often does this happen? How often do some of you more experienced guys see a nuc abscond like that?
  7. Re: They are coming out of the woodwork in droves this year

    Yes seems like there are alot more people interested in having a couple hives of bees around.
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    Re: Laying worker...again.

    ive had success by taking the laying worker hive and combine it down to a single deep. Then take it and shake them out over a 100 yards away from the hive. Everytime ive done it it was toward...
  9. Two frame nuc with introduced virgin absconded.

    I introduced 15 virgin queens in some two frame nucs a couple weeks ago. I have a bait hive that is about 250 yards away from the location of where these nucs were located. I noticed I had caught a...
  10. Re: frames in question, were they small hive beetle slimed?

    I dont see why you couldnt just stick them in there and go with it. I think they will clean them up and use them fine
  11. Re: Africanized honey bees reach and over winter in Palisades, Colorado

    i think if everyone in the US had their bees tested we would all be surprised at where Africanized Hybrids are
  12. Re: Africanized honey bees reach and over winter in Palisades, Colorado

    If a swarm has been hanging around out in bad weather for a few days they can be pretty hot. Ive caught a couple as a swarm that would flat get after you, but as soon as they get settle in a hive...
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    Sticky: Re: Please Post your Swarm Dates?

    Caught two swarms out of the 4 swarm traps ive got out and had a swarm call yesterday. And have had scout bees around the other two traps for a week. The last week ive been hearing of alot of swarms...
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    Re: grafting Queens Questions

    Ok Thanks. I did Place a frame of pollen next too the grafts. And the flow is on in a big way right now. It might have been even better to have grafted even more cells than i did this time. My...
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    grafting Queens Questions

    The last batch of queen cells i grafted I checked in on them about day four after the grafts and my cells were huge. The biggest queen cells ive ever seen. They had already started some drone comb on...
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    Re: Pros and cons of screened inner covers

    I run solid bottom boards and notched inner covers. But in real hot weather i will put an 1/8 shim on top of the inner cover and that will give an 1/8 air gap under the top cover all the way around....
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    Re: Screened or Solid Bottom

    I dont run any screen BB's Just about everyone in my part of the country uses Screen bottoms but me and one other guy who has had bees for 40 years i bet. The worst losses ive had in winter was 8%. I...
  18. Re: Accidentally pulled queen to nuc box two days ago - could use advice

    i did the exact some thing about two weeks ago. I found one big nice queen cell I put the frame with the cell on in in a nuc and added another frame of bees and checked really well for the queen....
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    Re: Labels from Amy Adele

    Checked that out looks like something i can work with. May have to plan for it for later though I just ordered a 1000 labels from my old source but im still looking for new sources
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    Re: Labels from Amy Adele here is a link to the one i was looking at I think its the same Amy but i will check it out
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    Re: Bees will not go past queen exclueder.

    Throw that QE in the shed. And pull it out only for confining a queen to a lower box for raising queens or for maybe use it as a queen includer when hiving a swarm.
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    Labels from Amy Adele

    Ive looked her website over and All i see are just plain looking labels. Am i missing something on there? Ive heard alot of people say that is the place to get your labels. Cartooney looking labels...
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    Re: NJ.. Will I ever get my nukes?

    Just now able to get queens mated good around here in NW in that last couple weeks.
  24. Re: New queen on the way, new empty hive- what next?

    There was someone looking for a queen they needed one right now on another thread on this forum
  25. Re: Removal of a swarm that just moved into a tree in someones yard

    no I dont have any. I need to get me some of it or Bee go or similiar though just to have around. I dont use that stuff when I take supers off, but i need some of it around just for cases like this....
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