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    Re: Electric Fence Questions????


    you are correct in doing your homework! Following is the text from my previous post about this subject from some years ago. I still have lots of bears and the electric fence does its...
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    Re: First time success with escape board

    I have used the triangular bee escape (sometimes called a vortex bee escape) for years and wouldn't use anything else. Put them on one day directly under the super to be harvested, harvest the...
  3. Re: I need a solution to a "walking" honey extractor

    Your problem is not unique. I think that we have all been there. If you do not want to put bolts permanently in the floor, here are several suggestions that you may try.

    Extractor with no legs: ...
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    Re: Hive recovering from bear attack


    I too use the solar Parmak fence charger like MTN-Bees but my fence is made out of cattle panels and I add a continuous "sheet metal apron" wired to an eight foot long ground rod ...
  5. Re: Wrapping hives in cold climates.........

    I take an approach very similar to skinny bee man in post #52 with the exception that I include a 4 inch high quilt box near the top. Note: the gallon paint cans on top of the hives are full of sand...
  6. Re: Bear fence alternative - radio station???


    I have heard of it before. I think that it is worth a try but I also think that you would be putting your bees at undue risk. A well made electric bear fence does work.

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    Re: A visit from Yogi

    My bee yard is a few miles south of the OP (Colobee) and also in the Front Range and I have already had Mama Bear and her two cubs raid my fridge/freezer in the garage twice. (Leaving the garage...
  8. Re: To treat or not to treat.. that's the question

    If your own bees are actively flying and if you have visiting drones in your hive(s) you have varroa mites. Just do a capping scratcher fork test on some capped drone cells and prove it to yourself....
  9. Re: Make 15 year old help with sideline business?

    My dad, who had a couple of hives, gave me a colony of bees when I was eight and mentored me. I got to sell some of the honey from my hive. Have you considered something like that? And have you...
  10. Re: Front Range Snow & extended Swarm Advisory

    Your boxed cut comb looks fantastic. Congratulations! That was one of my goals for this year, Have the boxes and the square comb cutter but my production this year is lousy, as was last...
  11. Re: Does a homosote board work as well as styrofoam insulation for under cover insula


    Enj and I have similar thoughts regarding moisture and temperature controls within beehive in the winter. I too use a wood shavings filled quilt box (QB) with screened ventilation holes...
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    Re: All Mediums: Was Brother Adam wrong?

    For several years I have been transitioning into all mediums and am now at 85-90% all mediums. Three mediums for the brood chamber. By next year I'll be at 100% mediums. Also running medium NUCs.
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    Re: Escape board


    The answer is YES. And another approach is to remove supers of capped honey with bees from multiple hives, stack them on an elevated triangular escape board (up on wood blocks) and...
  14. Re: Colorado Rocky's Feral Colony found at 6500 ft. Video Log..


    Thank you for photo documenting your discovery and experience. In all my hiking to your south I have never run across a feral colony in the mountains. You are most fortunate. ...
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    Re: tanging a swarm to get it to return

    This has nothing to do with tanging, but I dump a swarm onto a sheet leading up to the lower entrance of a hive, drum on the side of the hive with an entrance reducer or a hive tool, and the bees...
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    Re: Tricks for Getting Bees Into Hive


    I'm an old timer, try "drumming". It has always worked for me.

  17. Re: These are yellow jackets right? Pictures.


    Yes you are correct, they are yellow jackets. They live in the ground, in rock walls, etc. Their sting is generally worse than a honeybee's and they have a smooth stinger so they are...
  18. Re: What happens when a swarm cluster meets really bad weather?


    Actually I was very pleased and felt that it was a great success because I did not lose the bees. Many of the ideas that I did and did not use came as suggestions fro fellow beeks here on...
  19. Re: What happens when a swarm cluster meets really bad weather?


    I had a similar situation this spring when one of my colonies swarmed and went into a bivouac swarm cluster 40 feet up in a pine tree the day before ten continuous days of rain. With the...
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    Re: Front Range weather roller-coaster

    A large field of tall yellow clover in town at 6,000 feet in bloom now and nary a bee working it. Can't believe it! I guess that there is no nectar flow from it. Also, the field has never bloomed...
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    Re: Front Range weather roller-coaster


    What is the elevation of your home yard and your out yard? I'm considering moving some colonies out to my 10K foot yard, but may not do so.

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    Re: 3 or 4 mediums?


    I too like you am facing the age plus back and shoulders dilemma and am in a three year transition period from double deeps into triple mediums for brood. I try to harvest twice a season...
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    Re: swarm retrieval ideas??


    I can only agree with you, After 9 days of rain the bees are well established with comb and soon brood. I just have to look at them and wish.

    Have a look at my pix of a "rope in the...
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    Re: swarm retrieval ideas??

    Thanks to CreamPuff for starting the thread and thanks to Thershey for his suggestion. I had a similar situation up 30 feet in a pine tree which started last Saturday. A large 3-4 # swarm of my own...
  25. Re: Thick honeycomb on brood frames. Do you trim?


    Just buy a cheap serrated bread knife and keep it in your apiary. It is very handy for cutting the over sized or cross combed areas out and also separating frames where they are cross...
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